2009 AFC South Preview

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

1. Indianapolis Colts

Predicted Record: 11-5
Playoff Seed: 3

Key Player: Peyton Manning, When is the year that Peyton Manning gets severely injured? He's avoided it for over a decade at some point in time you would think adversity is on its way. If his kneed

Fantasy Player to Eye: Donald Brown, Last year Joseph Addai was at worst a top 5 pick, this year he might not even be the opening day starter. How quickly the tide has turned in Indy. If Donald Brown can grasp onto that #1 role than the points shall quickly rush towards his name.

Why the Record: There the Colts. They have Manning and Wayne and two good running backs. There offense will lead the way and once again they will win double digit games. It's a lock.

2. Tennessee Titans

Predicted Record: 11-5
Playoff Seed: 5

Key Player: Tony Brown and Jason Jones, No defensive tackle was more dominant in 2009 than Albert Haynesworth. It is now the duty of Tony Brown and Jason Jones to replace him. If they can't the dominant Titans defense will take a massive step backwards.

Fantasy Player to Eye: LenDale White, He's off the Vodka. He's skinny now. He can rush for more yards and eat more touchdowns?

Why the Record: 11-5 is a pretty solid record for a team that just lost arguably its best player, but they still have the devastating rushing combo, should still have a solid defense and should still manage to win football games.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted Record: 10-6

Key Player: Torry Holt, Holt is the old veteran trying to rekindle his career in a different location. The Jaguars have desperately needed a go to receiver the past few seasons to balance off their running attack, can Holt be that guy again? Or will the man who looked old and useless last year continue down the slippery slope.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Maurice Jones-Drew, With Fred Taylor gone the ball is his and only his. This should make him an easy first round draft pick and potentially the 2nd pick overall. Now he just needs to get and stay healthy.

Why the Record: The Jaguars should have a solid defense and with the addition of Holt they should be able to get more consistency in the passing game and should manage to make a push towards the playoffs.

4. Houston Texans

Predicted Record: 8-8

Key Player: Matt Schaub, Two offseasons ago the Texans went out and got Schaub and gave him a boatload of cash. In those two years Schaub has been injury riddled and the Texans haven't been much better. If he wants to earn his paycheck this is a year the Texans should improve and contend in the division. But if he gets hurt, the burden is then thrust on Dan Orlovsky's shoulders, this year he won't run out of the endzone.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Matt Schaub, Ya I'm double dipping. Schaub should put up solid numbers this year. He has a great wideout in Johnsonm, a good 2nd wideout in Walter, a good tight end in Daniels and a good running back. He has the weapons to score points every week and could be a late QB sleeper pick up.

Why the Record: The division is just too stacked for the Texans to fully breakout this season.

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