I Bet Nobody Wants to Chug the Kool-Aid Now

Monday, December 01, 2008

So, who wants to drink the Green Kool-Aid today? Best team in the AFC my ass. Here's what transpired yesterday at the Meadowlands. A division leader was throttled by another division leader in pretty much every aspect of the game.

1. Brett Favre Sucked Dong: He threw one Arm Punt to Dre Bly which was absolutely nowhere near the intended receiver. He missed short passes for first downs. He threw tons of incomplete passes and made zero good throws by the goal line. It was a pitiful display of football.

2. The Coaches Are Fucking Morons: Once again the play calling was incredibly suspect. Thomas Jones numbers read 16 carries 138. Two carries went for 59 and 29 yards respectively, so the typical carry was 14 for 60 or 4+ a carry. So on 3rd and 1 you should feel comfortable running the football. And then when you play action pass stupidly on 3rd and 1 and throw and incompletion you should feel comfortable running on 4th and 1. But no you throw the ball twice. And then when you get 3rd and 3 and 4th and 3 later in the game you do the same fucking thing. Gardock. 16 carries 138 yards, give him the god damn football.

3. The Defense Blew: Here's what I said on Wednesday last week, "...please tell me who's covering Eddie Royal this week? Ty Law? Too Slow. Dwight Lowery? Too awful. If they decide to cover him with Revis than that means constant double coverage on Marshall which will leave Scheffler and Graham to patrol the middle in single coverage by a linebacker. That didn't work out so well against Ben Watson. The Broncos have a very good shot at putting a ton of point on the board and pulling off the upset...". What happened? Tony Scheffler 7 catches 90 yards. Eddie Royal 5 catches 84 yards and a td. Daniel Graham 6 catches 59 yards. That's 213 yards passing to two tight ends and the #2 receiver. The Broncos were also able to rush the football consistently which hasn't happened to the Jets since week 2. It was a completely miserable effort.

So which member of the media is going to reach for the Kool-Aid pitcher this week?

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