Cardinals Faces of Fail

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Cardinals Lose, and there are so many Faces of Fail to enjoy.

Why Is This Jackass Talking to Me?

I am a Man of God...

But Where Was Jesus?

Another Cardinals... First Down (for the Steelers)

Who Pooped in My Helmet?

Yay Confetti is so Much Fun [Vomit]

I am So Glad I packed My Bag for the Pro Bowl

Well... No BJ Tonight

Eye Black Was a Bad Decision

I Can Spell Okeafor!!!

Why Didn't I get Invited to the Steelers Endzone?

Dey Took er Jobs...

Big Men Cry Too...

That Dude is a Douche

Just the Two of Us, We Can Make it If We Try

And Now I'm All Alone

Wizzy is Sad

I No Need My Skull Caps

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