Super Bowl Quick Notes

Monday, February 02, 2009

~I know the game was solid and had its exciting moments but there is just something about the Cardinals being in the Super Bowl that diminishes it. I watched the entire game more focused on pulling for the numbers on my squares than for a team. Caring more about the opportunity to win a few dollars rather than having a keen interest on the results of play. I usually have at least something on one of the rosters that I despise and want to root against, but nothing. It took me to the 4th quarter until I finally decided that I wanted the Cardinals to win. And by then my thoughts of the game as a whole were completely tainted.

~Think Roger has seen the Santonio Holmes Penis Picture? I wonder if he was amused by that.

~How the hell did they let Harrison, a slow linebacker, run 100 yards down the field? That was pathetic.

~I know a lot of people hate the Cheeseburger, but that one play where he scrambled around the pocket avoiding tacklers long enough to turn around spot Heath Miller out of the corner of his eye and toss the rock in milliseconds was solid. That is the picture perfect image of the Chesse Burger.

~Also, if the Cheeseburger is anything as a quarterback its clutch. He isn't the best QB, far from it, but he seems to play his best in the closing moments of games.

~Santonio Holmes amassed a whopping zero 100 yard receiving games this year for my fantasy team. And then he goes out and wins the Super Bowl MVP. What a douche.

~Larry Fitzgerald is beast.

~Kurt Warner is a Hall of Famer. He's shown up in three Super Bowls and dominated.

~Yay for another generation of Bandwagon Steeler babies.

~Maybe next year I'll talk about the Jets in the Super Bowl. I love Jokes...

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