The Shootaround [2/3/09]

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I've Decided to be a Friendly Neighboorhood Blogger in 2009 So We Shall Be Shooting Links Around. I'll be shooting links at stories that I like and/or stories that I find interesting but can't get to. Also, it'll come whenever I feel like it.

Hockey Jerseys can really suck [FanIQ]

Would you rather lift weights or humans? [Sports Rubbish]

I Give Thanks to LSUFreek for continued Genious [KSK]

The Lions should not draft Matthew Stafford. No shit. [FreeP]

Selig rolls in cash. [Sporting Blog]

The Worst Announcers [Yahoo Blog]

Detroit kind of doesn't like Matt Millen [AA]

Of Course Billy D rocks the Snuggie [Busted Coverage]

Really sucks to be this goalie. [Adrian Bulldogs]

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