MythBusting: If You Lose to the Jets You Can't Win the Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here's the Myth: No team that has lost to the Jets during the regular season has gone on to win that year's Super Bowl.

The Truth: In 2001 the Jets defeated the Patriots 10-3 and in the process destroyed Drew Bledsoe's career. Tom Brady took the helm, led the Pats to an 11-5 record, including a win in the rematch with the Jets, and eventually the Super Bowl title.

Rewording the Myth: No Team Has Ever had a losing record against the Jets and went on to win the Super Bowl. Or If you played the Jets in the regular season and did not beat them, than you aren't winning the Super Bowl.

Historical Jets Record Against Super Bowl Winners (1-22)
Here's a rundown of all the Super Bowl Champions who have played the Jets in the regular season.

2007 Giants: 35-24 Win @Home
2006 Colts: 31-28 Win @NY
2004 Patriots: 13-7 Win @Home, 23-7 Win @NY
2003 Patriots: 23-16 Win @Home, 21-16 Win @NY
2001 Patriots: 3-10 Loss @Home, 17-16 Win @NY
2000 Ravens: 34-20 Win @Home
1993 Cowboys: 28-7 Win @NY
1989 49ers: 23-10 Win @NY
1987 Redskins: 17-16 Win @Home
1985 Bears: 19-6 Win @NY
1978 Steelers: 28-17 Win @NY
1975 Steelers: 20-7 Win @NY
1973 Dolphins: 31-3 Win @Home, 24-14 Win @NY
1972 Dolphins: 27-17 Win @NY, 28-24 Win @Home
1971 Cowboys: 52-10 Win @Home
1970 Colts: 29-22 Win @NY, 35-20 Win @Home
1969 Chiefs: 34-16 @NY

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So ya all should have known the Cardinals weren't going to win the Super Bowl...

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