The WNBA Salary Cap Is Very Very Small

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Take a random guess at what the WNBA salary cap is? Remember 15 11 players per team, nationally televised games, perhaps the biggest Women's Basketball League on the planet. So like a couple million right? Try 803,00$.

Ok now take a guess at what the minimum salary for a 3 year veteran in the NBA is. This is the guy that's pretty much rotted on the bench for three years after being a 2nd round draft pick. I'll give you a hint, look at the title. If you said more than 803,000$ than you'd be a winner. It's actually 826,269$.

Now Let's Have Some Fun with Math. Stephon Marbury makes 21,937,000 this season. The WNBA has 13 teams. 13 times 803,000 10,439,000. That's half as much as Marbury is making for doing absolutely nothing. So...

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FYI - WNBA Rosters are now 11 players per team. Used to be 13, but was never 15. All that aside, yes, the cap is really small, and the women (not ladies, please) are underpaid.

Anonymous said...
2:28 PM  

11 is a very tiny roster size... The ESPN roster pages were misleading, anywhere from 11-15.

Also, when did ladies become a bad term?

Simon said...
2:47 PM  

The NBA and WNBA are businesses. Every once in a while you'll hear the women start to complain that they're so underpaid and blah blah blah.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason that the WNBA even survives is because it seeps money off of the NBA. If it were to stand on its own it would have tanked years ago. If the women want to make more, they need to bring in more revenue.

Joshua said...
3:03 PM  

Yes it may be very, very, very small compared to the NBA but really about 820k for 11 players thats close to a average of 75k per year for playing a game, and also they only play 34 games. So 75k for 34 games so a average of about 2200 a game for again playing a GAME. Again it is very very small compared to the NBA but the NBA makes a lot more revenue than the WNBA and the NBA plays 82 games. So it is very small compared to the NBA but i think any average women or man for that fact will accept 74k a ye to play a game they love.

Anonymous said...
3:29 PM  

The WNBA's minimum salary this year for a 3 year vet is 51K.

For a 0-2 year vet, the minimum is 35,190... which certainly isn't great.

Additionally, teams have to abide by a Salary Floor of 772K.

Simon said...
3:35 PM  

I would rather watch marbury sitting on the bench for 3 hours on my 27in bedroom tv than to have courtside seats for the WNBA finals. In fact, I would prefer that scenario twice as much!

Joshua said...
6:21 PM  

nevertheless, these women probably work harder than starbury ever has in his life.

Anonymous said...
12:43 AM  

I wouldn't say these women are underpaid, I would just say that their male counterparts are ridiculously overpaid.

Anonymous said...
11:20 AM  

I would say these women, ladies, chicks, girls, and broads are all WAY OVERPAYED compared to the men, guys, boys, males, and dudes in the NBA. They are overpayed because their product produces negative revenue. The only thing allowing this league to exist is politically correct socialist non-sense.

Hart said...
12:18 PM  

The average salary for these players is really large in comparison with the marketing dollars that get brought in on WNBA games. In my opinion I think they make too much.

7:09 PM  

WNBA stars dont make as much as they deserve just because they arent dudes doesnt mean they dont deserve more..and for you assholes who think they make to much i bet u cant even dribble a ball like those women..all u idiots just like to talk u arent in the nba or wnba so u dont know whats even going just shut the hell up your just a piece of crap and you dont even know what u r talking about. oh and candice parker makes a 1,000,000.

Alex said...
11:54 PM  

Whoa there, lets keep our pants on now, shall we? Parker may make a mill, but most of that comes from endorsements, being on TV and all due to her 'good looks' for a WNBA player.

The pay structures for the WNBA/NBA are how they should be (for the most part). Each league generates set amount of revenue and that revenue is distributed pretty evenly among those that generate it. If you think the LADIES should be making more, they better come up with a plan to attract more viewers, like play b-ball in bikinis or something...
-Jack @ Sports News

0s0-Pa said...
1:44 PM  

First off it's not that the WNBA is underpaid and the NBA is overpaid it's the fact that the NBA is watched on TV by alot more viewers and has more people in the stands! So the feminist who are cryin about it need to hush it! Second Candice Parker who by the way is my favorite player by far makes a mil because of endorsements! that has nothing to do with salary! Check your facts!

Anonymous said...
5:39 PM  

I think that a small salary cap is dumb. Have you seen the average salary of some of these guys. Even the players that sit on the bench make 200k plus. I wish I could get paid that much to do nothing.

7:20 PM  

That is pretty tiny, especially when compared to the average salary that other sports pull in.

2:26 PM  

Right, it's way to small. I think it should be cut by twice as much. I just looked up the average salaries being made by players in 2008, it was ridiculous considering the money made from advertisers.

6:23 PM  

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vishnuprasath said...
11:38 PM  

LMAO. The WNBA is the most miserable league out there. It wouldn't be around without the subsidization from the NBA.

Mike said...
7:49 AM  

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Anonymous said...
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