09-10 NCAA Bowl Game Helmet Schedule

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If you prefer the Helmet Schedule with Current Helmets instead of Retro Helmets, go Here.

It's that time again, bowl season. In order to get ready for bowl season you probably could use a pretty schedule with retro helmets similar to the regular season schedule built prior to the seasons start. So here it is, enjoy.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet (Backup)

The rest of the bmp images after the jump.

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Note the Eaglebank bowl has yet to say if Temple is playing Army or UCLA... not sure why but the schedule could change.

Simon said...
10:13 AM  

It's because the Army-Navy game still has to be played on Saturday. If Army wins, they become bowl eligible and the EagleBank bowl is obligated to take them over UCLA. If Army loses, UCLA will still go.

Mike said...
11:10 AM  

Makes sense. FOr some reason I was oblivious to this and thought the Army Navy game was played last Saturday...

So, I should pencil in UCLA is what you're telling me.

Simon said...
11:12 AM  

I don't know where you got that Cincinnati helmet, but it is wrong. For that matter so is the Iowa helmet.

Anonymous said...
12:18 PM  

Retro Helmets

Simon said...
12:22 PM  

The West Virginia helmet is incorrect as well.

Anonymous said...
12:30 PM  

The PSU helmet is also wrong.

Anonymous said...
2:52 PM  

Rutgers is wrong as well.

Anonymous said...
4:21 PM  


Simon said...
4:24 PM  

That South Florida helmet is years out of date also

Matt said...
8:16 PM  

Please attempt to read the first sentence when it says retro helmets...

Simon said...
9:27 PM  

Here's the current helmet version:




Simon said...
9:56 PM  

Simon great work as per usual. I'll pass the word that you have it available for download.

Whiskey said...
5:07 PM  

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