My Pessimism Was Rewarded With Failure

Monday, December 21, 2009

Watching the Jets game yesterday all I could think about was how they were dominating the entirety of the game yet they were going to find someway to lose. There really was no other reason to think pessimistically other than the fact I am a Jet fan and its what we do.

Throughout the game the Falcons gave you absolutely no reason to believe they were going to score a touchdown. Roddy White was engulfed by the blanket that is Darrelle Revis. The Falcons rushing attack was stonewalled. Tony Gonzalez was relatively quiet. The Falcons were doing nothing well.

The Jets on offense meanwhile were occasionally putting themselves in position to score, yet failing each and every time. Outside of the bomb to Braylon Edwards the Jets had three field goal attempts. Kellen Clemens dropped the snap on the first field goal, Jay Feely pushed the 2nd field goal right and finally Feely got his third and final kick blocked.

To a casual observer it likely looked as if this game was deadlocked and going to finish 7-3 but not to a jaded Jet fan. I knew they were going to choke. I knew the stout defense would once again wilt in crunch time. Despite assuming they were going to lose, then watching it happen expectedly, I was still incredibly pissed off. Being a Jet fan really really sucks

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