Friday Video Blowout 12/4

Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm bringing back the blowout because well it's time for people to waste at least 10 minutes watching video every friday again.

The Chinese know what happened to Tigger Woo.

"I'm a football player". Best closing to an ad ever?

I wonder what Max Hall thinks about Utah...

Dunked on and kneed in the nuts. A Double Whammy.

He was just trying to avoid the False Start. I think.

Someone needs to work on their hands.

He's a man who hits a ball with a stick.
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I like Frosty better as a cursing playboy.

The BCS is at it again.

Videos Courtesy of @RickMaese, TSB, everyone, TBL, Hot Clicks, Deadspin, The Daily Show, Warming Glow, GSF

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