The Worst: 2009 NFL Pro Bowl Ballot

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just for fun I figured now would be a good time to submit the worst possible Pro Bowl allowed without write in votes. Here goes:

At the quarterback position we're looking for failure to come in one of three different ways. 1) Horrible Play, 2) Benched, 3) Injured. Each of these representatives have combined at least two of these fields. Josh Johnson, Brady Quinn and of course JaMarcus Russell have both been awful this season and at times benched. The combo of Jake Delhomme and Mark Bulger have strictly worked the miserable side of the equation and are now injured and out. Finally we have Trent Edwards who works the triumvirate, first he was miserable, than he got injured and now he is benched.

For running back I was looking for these characteristics: 1) Not the Starter, 2) Injured, or 3) Tremendously Underachieved. Buckhalter, Kevin Faulk and Rock Cartwright are all their teams backups if not third string running backs. Darren McFadden is probably not the Raiders #1 and he was injured for much of the season. Brian Westbrook hasn't played in over a month and might not play again this season. And finally, Matt Forte has been the biggest fantasy disappointment in the league, he does nothing, ever.

For the receiver category I would have gone with 3 Browns but only Massaqoui was on the list and he's not quite as bad as the collection of Raiders and Josh Reed. In the NFC we have Isaac Bruce who's pretty much retired, Devin Thomas who is a kick returner, Roy Williams who amazingly plays WR without hands and finally Michael Clayton who has 204 yards receiving this season.

For the Tight Ends I went with guys I've never heard of plus 1 Lion. I didn't really look at the stats, but I imagine all of these guys have done essentially nothing because I haven't seen them in a single highlight all year.

As for the rest of the ballot, who cares really? I don't know whom the worst Offensive Tackle or Inside Linebacker in the NFL is and I don't care to go through the whole ballot to try to figure it out. So I just filled in those votes and voted for Darrelle Revis because he's a hero.

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