NFL Week 15 Pick Suggestions

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I actually didn't suck last week. Wooo. Maybe I can not suck for two weeks in a row.

1. Miami Dolphins (-3 1/2) at Tennessee Titans
With Vince Young questionable to go, I think the Dolphins will be able to keep this game tight and I like them to actually win by a point or two. At the very least I like getting the 3 1/2 points.

2. New England Patriots (-7 1/2) at Buffalo Bills
The Bills are terrible, the Pats need to prove to themselves that they can win a road game this year and Randy Moss should actually be motivated to stop being a douche. The Pats should roll Buffalo comfortably.

3. Minnesota Vikings (-7 1/2) at Carolina Panthers
The Panthers are starting Matt Moore at quarterback. The Vikings need another win to clinch the division and to continue their separation from the Eagles for the NFC bye. The Vikings should cruise.

4. San Diego Chargers (-6 1/2) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
The Chargers are on fire and the Bengals are sputtering. This matchup is huge for the Chargers as a W will essentially lock up a bye. A loss against the Bengals and the Chargers will need to start pulling for the Chiefs and/or the Jets in the coming weeks. Phillip won't need to watch those games however as they will pick up a W sunday.

5. New York Jets (-6.5) vs. Atlanta Falcons
I don't really love this line, but I've picked the Jets twice in a row in this spot and they've come through, so... We're going through with the pick again.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Damn You Bengals
The Houston Texans are playing the Rams, it's a done deal.

The rest of the picks after the jump.

The Rest of the Picks


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