Friday Video Blowout 12/18

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm bringing back the blowout because well it's time for people to waste at least 10 minutes watching video every friday again.

Remember, being a mascot does not require intelligence.

Stick Save and a beaut...

White man dunks...

Goalies can have fun too. Why do we hold them down?

I didn't know the catch toss and shoot was actually a legal maneuver.

PETA is going to freak out.

The BCS is so much fun it inspires songs.

How come we never hear about concussions for NHL Players?

Twittagria sounds possible.

Just for fun, this is excellent.

Videos Courtesy of TBL, TSB, TBL, With Leather, Lots O' People, Hot Clicks, TSB, Arash, TBL, folks, deadspin

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