The Players That Potentially Sunk Your Fantasy Season

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's week 14 which means that if you are in a fantasy league with three weeks of playoffs, this was week one. Here's a quick top ten list of the fantasy players that if you were relying on for a big performance you just might not be making it to the second week of the playoffs.

11. Reggie Wayne - Reggie Wayne has been a bit banged up lately but when Peyton Manningh throws for 4 tds you kind of expect some sort of point total from Wayne. Instead, all the tds went Dallas Clark's way and Wayne ended up with scraps.

10. Carson Palmer - A week after the Cardinals went up and down the field with ease on the Vikings you had to hope that Palmer was going to do the same. Instead he threw for just 94 yards. He at least threw for a touchdown but it wasn't exactly what you were looking for.

9. Pittsburgh Defense - If you played the Steelers D you figured they would give up almost zero points, have a bunch of sacks and takeaways. Instead they did nothing and outside of whatever you get for a defense giving up just 13 points you were stuck with nada.

8. Matt Forte - If you made the playoffs with Matt Forte on your roster than you were lucky to begin with and you probably had already grown to have limited expectations. Once again Forte nailed those expectations with zero touchdowns.

7. Percy Harvin - If you weren't paying attention this weekend than Percy Harvin could have been a player that bit you in the ass. Harvin has been a monster the past few weeks but was scratched due to migraine headaches. Chances are that your next option wasn't very good if you even were aware enough to take Harvin out.

6. Calvin Johnson - They were playing the Ravens so you couldn't have ridiculous hopes but its still Calvin Johnson. The man is a monster. He can score a touchdown on any play. Well, neither he nor the Lions scored a single touchdown the entire game.

5. Donald Driver -Driver and the Packers passing game has been clicking all season. Not so much this weekend as Driver just had two catches for 11 yards.

4. Ben Roethlisberger - With the season on the line and playing a porous Browns team with injuries up and down their line, Roethlisberger would seem like a wonderful play. Instead the Three Day Old Cheeseburger spent more time on his back than completing passes.

3. Steven Jackson - Having Steven Jackson must be very very frustrating. You know he's a beast but the Rams started some kid named Null yesterday. At that point you had to know Jackson was going to do little to nothing.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers has been a beast all season and has routinely taken all the touchdowns and shared none with Ryan Grant. Apparently he was in the giving mood this weekend as Grant got both touchdowns and Aaron Rodgers threw for just 180 yards with no scores.

1. Randy Moss - Randy Moss went into the weekend regarded as at worst one of the top five fantasy wide receiver plays. He was facing a mediocre secondary and one would think he would have been motivated following a week of getting sent home from practice. Instead he had one catch for 15 yards which he fumbled. Negative points from your top wideout is not a good thing.

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Yup Spot on Simon ... Randy Moss killed my Fantasy Playoff hopes yesterday ... douchebag ...

AJ Ferre' said...
11:25 AM  

Somehow someway I had Moss and I may still win, just need Vernon Davis to stay away from God Territory tonight.

Simon said...
11:45 AM  

I got waylaid by Harvin as well.
Need Fitzgerald and Davis to come through tonite.

Mister said...
2:58 PM  

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