This is Why You Don't Draft Peyton Manning On Your Fantasy Team

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just in case you forgot earlier in the season why you do not draft Peyton Manning on your fantasy football team, Jim Caldwell was here to remind you. In my league (A winner take all league), the league commish drafted Peyton Manning and made it all the way to the finals (after edging me in the semis). I told him he was pretty much screwed because Peyton was going to sit in the second half and the Jets were going to give up at most 18 points to him. I was right on both accounts, though 18 points was way high he had just 8. Needless to say Peyton Manning's benching cost him the championship and once again proved why you do not draft Peyton despite his consistent awesomeness. He may have gotten it done in the real playoffs once, but he is a consistent bust in the fantasy playoffs.

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