What Do the Sack Totals Look Like For Super Bowl Champions?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My buddy Tony was venting about how the Patriots currently have no pass rush and how the NFL Super Bowl winners recently seem like teams entirely built around flattening the quarterback. He then stated he would love to see how sack totals correlated to a Super Bowl Championship. I obliged and grabbed the totals and rank for each of the Super Bowl victors during my lifetime.

What you'll notice is that with the exception of the Colts in 2006, when Dwight Freeney had his worst season, 6 of the past 7 Super Bowl Champions have been ranked in the top 6 in the NFL in total Sacks. It's not a terribly divergence from the past as 7 of the previous 19 Super Bowl winners also ranked in the top 6, but it is becoming more of a year after year trend. Only two of the past 26 Super Bowl Champs have led the league in sacks, the 2008 Steelers and the 1999 Rams.

The average Super Bowl Champ has 44 sacks. The highest total is unsurpisingly the 86 Bears with 64, though they somehow ranked 3rd in the league that season. The lowest total was the 2006 Colts with just 25 which is 5 worse than the second lowest total of the 1990 Giants.

The biggest shock on the list to me is the 2000 Ravens whom we all think of as a defensive powerhouse, yet they ranked 22nd in the league in sacks and had the 4th fewest total of the Super Bowl winners in my lifetime.

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