Who Wants to Clinch Homefield Advantage in Week 14?

Monday, December 07, 2009

By my calculations, if the Colts beat the Broncos this week than they will have clinched homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Here's the logic.

If they win this week than their worst record would 13-3. The best any other AFC team could finish is San Diego at 13-3.

Tie-Breaker 1 H2H: They did not play each other this season.

Tie-Breaker 2 AFC Record: Both teams would have an AFC Conference Record of 9-3.

Tie-Breaker 3 Common Games: The Common Opponents between the Chargers and Colts would be the Titans, Broncos, Ravens and Dolphins. The Colts would have won all 5 games against those opponents while the Chargers would have a record of 3-2 in those games.

Advantage Colts. A win over Denver this weekend and Peyton can rest for three weeks.

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