Get Some Cheese for Roy Williams Whine

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

“I wish some of our fans who weren’t here tonight [Sunday at 6:45] would get a little more passionate and get their rear ends here. That was discouraging at the start of the game. But I love those, the ones that were here. The other ones, I think I should take a camera shot, and anyone who wasn’t here tonight - stop them at the door if they try to come in for Michigan State [tonight]. Tell them I sold their dad-gum ticket.” [News & Observer via TBL]

Hey Roy, it was Thanksgiving weekend and you were playing Nevada. I'm guessing that some fans, students included, might have been away for the weekend and unable to use their tickets. Whatever the reason they weren't there, no need to bitch about attendance at a random game in November when you're playing a mediocre team that no one cares about.

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