NFL Week 13 Awards

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow You Guys Suck: The Rams, Out of all the teams why do I pick on the Rams? It's simple. Unlike the Browns, Bucs and other crappy teams, the Rams have an elite player. Every week Steven Jackson still manages to rush for 100+ yards but they still lose. Its a complete waste of his skills. Runners Up: the Cowboys are ready for their December nosedive, the Browns because they must be included.

Cough Cough Cough: Sean Suisham, There have been some big time choke jobs for kickers but for my money this ranks second behind John Carney's missed extra point after the miracle Saint td a few years back. Missing a 23 yarder that would have iced the game is just pathetic. Runners Up: Kareem Moore for literally coughing up the ball after his INT, the Pittsburg Steelers defense just can't close.

The Shocker: Pittsburgh Steelers, Every time the Raiders win a game I am shocked. Watching the Jets and the Giants play the Raiders is was like watching an NFL team playing a D1-AA school in their annual cupcake game. So when the Raiders win I am just baffled. The Steelers are now in a position to miss the playoffs as a result. Runners Up: who saw the Redskins essentially outplaying the Saints the entire game, the Dolphins coming back was pretty shocking.

The Pimp: Chad Henne, So who had Chad Henne pegged for 335 yards and two touchdowns on sunday? Yep no one. But somehow someway the Dolphins are in control of their own destiny. Runners Up: Tony Romo must wonder if he should play safety as well as QB, Kurt Warner made playing QB look easy on Sunday night.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Chris Brown/Gary Kubiak, Your season is on the line you have a 1st and goal so what do you dial up? A Half Back Option Pass? Ugh. So the play runs through and your running back has nowhere to go. Throw it out of bounds or out of the endzone or just get tackled. Nope. Chris Brown doesn't do bright things, instead he throws the easiest interception of all time. Runners Up: Bill Belichick might be getting a little too 4th down happy for his own good, Mike Singletary for only giving the ball to Frank Gore 9 times.

You Got JAKKED UP: EJ Henderson's Femur,
My Fantasy MVP: Bungles D, No one stood out on my team. Everyone basically put up 14 points so we'll go with the Bungles and their INT for a td.

New York Jets MVP: Darrelle Revis, The man is a hero who deserves to be cloned.

My Picks

My Picks: 10-6
Preseason Picks: 11-5
Picks Vs. Spread: 7-9
Pick Suggestions: 3-2

Woo... this has been one hellish season of pick'em.

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