Quick Chart: NFL Rankings

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's a quick chart which shows all of the NFL teams and where they rank both offensively and defensively in yardage totals in the NFL. The closer you get to point (1,1) the better and the closer you get to point (32,32) the worse. We've broken the chart into four quadrants. Quadrant A is where you want to be. It means you're in the top half both offensively and defensively. Quadrant B means you're in the top half defensively but bottom half offensively. Quadrant C means you're top half offense bottom half defense and Quadrant D means you suck.

Of the 9 teams within Quadrant A only the Giants sit outside of the playoffs right now. The teams in Quadrant D are all essentially screwed except for perhaps the Jaguars. The Saints, Colts and to an extent the Cardinals give up a lot of yardage but more than make it up offensively.

A cursory look at the chart shows that the Steelers and the Giants are the two biggest underachievers thus far this season with the Jets not trailing that far behind.

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