The Worst of the Decade: NBA Teams

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the end of the decade. So it's time for some lists. Today's list is the Worst NBA Teams of the past decade.

11. 01-02 Golden State Warriors, 21-61 - The 01-02 Warriors were essentially a young version of the Wizards. The team wasn't quite sure it knew what Agent Zero was as he only played 24 minutes. Antawn Jamison led the team in everything with Larry Hughes and Jason Richardson not far behind.

10. 03-04 Orlando Magic, 21-61 - It's the "I'm gonna be such an ass and shoot so much that my general manager is going to feel compelled to trade for Steve Francis" Tracy McGrady season. A year after McGrady said "It feels so good to be in the 2nd round" he decided to shoot shoot shoot his team all the way to 21-61.

9. 00-01 Chicago Bulls, 15-67 - This version of the Bulls was just too young to get Ws. They had some solid pieces with Elton Brand (21), Ron Artest (21) and Brad Miller (24) holding down the paint but their point guard was Khalid El Amin (21) or Bryce Drew (26).

8. 03-04 Chicago Bulls, 23-59 - The 03-04 Bulls team picked up more wins than the 00-01 team did but they were a worse team. The Bulls now had Eddy Curry and Jamal Crawford as their "leaders". Kirk Hinrich did provide a little stability but there was nothing to fear from this Bulls team.

7. 05-06 New York Knicks, 23-59 - It's basically the Bulls of 03-04 with Crawford and Curry as the leading scorers except you get to throw in some addition crazy with Stephon Marbury instead of Hinrich and Channing Frye instead of Tyson Chandler. Both teams were very very bad.

6. 02-03 Denver Nuggets, 16-67 - The Nuggets and Cavs were embroiled in the battle for Lebron in 02-03. The Nuggets best player was Marcus Camby and he was not surprisingly injured for the majority of the year. The rest of team was a 20 year old Nene, Juwan Howard, James Posey, and Chris Anderson. Not that bad, but guards didn't exist.

5. 02-03 Cleveland Cavaliers, 16-67 - When you're leading scorer is Ricky Davis, you probably have issues. Outside of Davis the Cavs did have some semi-solid pieces with Big Z in the middle Carlos Boozer having a decent rookie season. Again like the Nuggets, they had no guards.

4. 05-06 Portland Trailblazers, 21-61 - This team was pre-Brandon Roy Portland. It was Zach Randolph's team. he led them in points, in rebounds, and in moments of jackassery. The rest of the team was Maryland (Blake and Dixon) a young Jarrett Jack, and two more high class characters (Sebastian Telfair and Darius Miles). They were terrible.

3. 08-09 Sacramento Kings, 17-65 - Kevin Martin is a solid player, Jason Thompson was a young emerging rookie and John Salmons was nice role player but this Kings team lacked much punch.

2. 04-05 New Orleans Hornets, 18-64 - This team was supposed to be built around Baron Davis and his ability to distribute. Unfortunately he went down with an injury and played just 18 games. Without him the Hornets were left with 19 year old JR Smith, old man PJ Brown, Dan Dickau and Lee Nailon get the majority of the starts. Dan Dickau!

1. 04-05 Atlanta Hawks, 13-69 - The Hawks had the worst record of any team in the decade and they were likely the worst team. Al Harrrington was 24 and led them in scoring. He was followed by Antoine Walker, who was very fat and out of shape. Josh Childress and Josh Smith were 21 and 19 respectively and not really ready to contribute and of course the Hawks had no point guard to run any semblance of offense.

Honorable Mention: 06-07 Boston Celtics 24-58, 07-08 Miami Heat 15-67, 08-09 Washington Wizards, 19-63, 06-07 Memphis Grizzlies, 22-60

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