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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When I logged on to Gmail this morning I noticed that one of my buddies status message read "bring back charlie". So I decided to question him and a few other of my Patriot fan friends to see if and why they want Charlie Weis back on the staff.

Tmags: I hate the play calling this year and weis was more into power football and the pats are morphing into a soft team. Weis would spread it out but he wasnt averse to lining up and playing smashmouth football when needed.

Big Steve: I would def take him back, we need an OC and a real DC, I say bring romeo back too. Lets be serious, our playcalling is one of our biggest problems.

Pete: The offense is fine (though Brady played like complete garbage last night). The bigger issue is that we haven’t had a playmaking defense since Harrison came back down to Earth which was about in 2005. If Belichick is this defensive genius, then why was our pathetic 2001 defense that went 5-11 the year prior better then all defenses since we last won a title?

Listen I love Belichick and I want no other coach, even when he goes for it on 4th down there always seems to be a lucid logic behind it as if I he had plan for this scenario…even though they don’t always work out. But these days it seems he is a better GM than he is a game planner which is the opposite of what I initially thought.

So in a nutshell I would be happy to have Weis back to help add input to the team and perhaps bring back some of that air of success from earlier in the decade, but I don’t think he is the piece that is missing, that piece is on defense and on defensive playmaking. I mean is there a more painful defense to watch than the Pats? And the absurd thing is, they are like always in the top 5 in points allowed…

So it appears 3 for 3 are in favor of Pats nostalgia. See Charlie, some people still love you.

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