Dear Eric Mangini

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Eric Mangini,

Hi Eric. I know you are having a rough year. You are 1-11. You can't make up your mind who your quarterback is. You traded away all your offensive weapons for some draft picks and a few Jets players you were fond of. It's been a tough year and you might just be thinking about having the #1 pick and dreaming of drafting Ndamakong Suh already. But let's think about the present for a second. You might be on the chopping block. You really could use a win to give some of the folks in Cleveland some joy and what better time than now. Even if you go 2-14, if you're second win comes with the benefits of smashing the playoff hopes of the defending Superbowl Champions than at the very least Cleveland fans can ridicule Steeler fans and say "Our shitty team knocked you out of the playoffs." It's probably enough to keep your job.

So let's get it done tonight Eric. We are all behind you. Send the Steelers to an early January vaction.

Thanks and Good Luck,
The Rest of the AFC

PS. If you can shut down Big Ben that would be great for our fantasy teams as well. Thanks again.

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Apparently your use of the force was successful last night.

Hart said...
7:33 AM  

Seriously, if only it was as successful when he was coaching the Jets

Simon said...
9:21 AM  

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