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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~One minute you think basically the biggest news of the college football season is about to go down, the next minute you realize pretty much nothing has happened. On Saturday night, the nation thought Urban Meyer was done. He burnt out. He needed to save his health. He needed time off to make sure he didn't die. The next minute we realize that what this actually means is he needs a vacation for a few months to recharge his batteries and get ready for life without Tebow.

~I'm enjoying the Vikings skid almost as much as I am enjoying the Jets being gift wrapped a playoff spot. I am very much looking forward to the Vikings getting bounced after a late arm punt and have a very large desire for this to happen against the Packers in round 1. (It could with a Eagle & Cardinal win and a Vikings loss)

~The Giants certain left their stadium on a high note.

~Speaking of that... Why are the Jets playing the last game at "Giants Stadium"? Couldn't the NFL have conjured up an appropriate schedule?

~I truly haven't paid much attention to the bowl season as of yet. Many games are on, none really garner much interest.

~Shouldn't there be some sort of worthwhile sporting event on Christmas Eve? Christmas you got a showcase of NBA games and an NFL game. Christmas Eve you get squat. Kind of boring. How about an NFL Game on Christmas eve at say 12:30ish, on a network not called "NFL Network".

~So Mike Leach is pretty much really really crazy if these stories are true. First off Adam James is a bit player on the Red Raiders, he has just 17 catches this season, so if he did have a concussion than why the hell would Mike Leach really care if he missed a day or two of practice. Secondly, locking someone in a closet is just really really weird and serves no purpose. The man might be an offensive genius but he clearly is very very odd and I don't think I would want him as my head coach.

~The first half of the Celtics game on Christmas day was one of the ugliest displays of basketball I have ever watched. It was like watching the old Pistons vs. Celtics playoff series.

~On that note, why can't Rajon Rondo make free throws?

~Why must the Knicks continue to burn our eyes with their Green Jerseys?

~Can the Pacquiao and Mayweather crew just use typical drug testing, get a deal done, and set the fight already? It's the only fight anybody really wants to see. Is a blood test really necessary?

~I hate Fantasy Football.

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