It's Officially Time to Move On from the Tiger Woods Story

Thursday, December 17, 2009

According to ABCNews, Elin is apparently seeking a divorce from Tiger Woods. Obviously this is a shock to no one. When your husband hits double digits with women he's cheated on you with than, most women gold digger or not, is going to divorce the man. Other than seeing just how much Tiger Woods will have to give up in the divorce settlement, this story is old news. There likely will be a few more ladies to come out and claim sexual relations with Woods but in reality whats the difference between girl #15 and girl #18 at this point. We get it. Tiger Woods was a bad husband. He liked juggling a plethora of women. Now he can do this without "crushing" the life of the woman he supposedly loves and we can all understand that he is far from the perfect man and in fact is no different than all the other athletes in this world that routinely cheat on their wives.

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