What a Potential BCS Playoff Would Look Like

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Back an April I posted a potential playoff format for the BCS which I thought would be the best fit in college football. It would allow college football to keep the bowls, including the BCS games, while integrating an 8 team playoff. If the format was utilized this year it would look like this.

The first round games would be played this weekend. After these games were concluded the Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl would select the two opponents to play Florida and Iowa respectfully in the Invitational Bowl Games (aka just for money games like the 4 non-title games now). The semifinal games would both be played on New Years eve while the BCS Title Game would be played a week+ later.

Man it would suck to have 8 diesel football games being played this saturday. I would hate that.

Just in case you forgot the brilliance of this potential playoff system browse the previous post again.

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Are you going to pick your hypothetical winners?

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