Roy Williams Getting More Douche-like By The Day

Monday, December 14, 2009

A few weeks back Roy Williams bitched and moaned about how his arena wasn't completely filled against a crap opponent the weekend of thanksgiving. It's nice to see that he's changed some and is giving the fans the respect they deserve or...

With six minutes to go in North Carolina's blowout win over Presbyterian yesterday at The Dean Dome, Roy Williams instructed security personnel to eject a fan who had heckled the Heels' Deon Thompson during a free throw attempt. The man, wearing a Presbyterian shirt and sitting a few rows behind the Carolina bench, yelled "hey Deon, don't miss it!" during the second free throw, which caused Williams to turn around, exchange some words and, eventually, point him out to security. [The Dagger] [Video of the Ejection]

Wow is Roy Williams a huge bitch or what? I wonder what he had to say about it after the game.

"I don't think anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period. Let's don't make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don't think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game." [The Dagger]

Holy shit I hate North Carolina more than I did ten seconds ago. One lowly Presbyterian fan comes to the game and he can't heckle one of your all mighty players? Seriously? I guarantee this fan got heckled way more than Deon Thompson did. Should security have kicked out all the fans that likely called him a Douchebag? He might have been the only Presbyterian fan in the arena and he was kicked out for apparently saying nothing that was even that bad. Imagine if Roy Williams coached the Mets while playing Philadelphia or the Yankees while playing Boston. He'd kick out half the stadium.

Honestly if Roy Williams continues this parade of whine and cheese the Tarheels just might start inching up next to the Blue Devils when it comes time to formulate the chain of college hate command.

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Was at the game, that guy had been heckling all day. most of his taunts to Deon were making monkey or ape noices. Roy has his moments, but proud of him for not tolerating ignorance

Anonymous said...
10:19 AM  

The first comment is a total LIE.Shows you the kind of people that support unc.

It will be funny to see ole Roy at Cameron this year.

Anonymous said...
4:49 PM  

Roy "Huckleberry Hound" is what's wrong with college sports. He's a complete idiot and the most unethical jerk around (learned from Dean the dick Smith so go figure). The Tarholes suck ass and he proved it. They try so hard to be Duke it's not even funny but what the inbred c suckers fail to recongize is that they could never be Duke!!! Go Blue Devils!!!

Anonymous said...
7:55 PM  

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