The Revis Effect for Defensive Player of the Year

Friday, December 04, 2009

It's time for some blatant Jets Homerism...

Darrelle Revis is a legitimate candidate for Defensive Player of the year. He arguably is the NFL's greatest neutralizer. The chart to the right shows the output of 6 of the best wide receivers in the NFL vs. Revis and vs. everyone else. Each receiver put up significantly worse numbers against the Jets while sitting on Revis Island than they have in basically every other game this season. Throw in the facts that he has 5 interceptions, he has one touchdown, and he actually is a good tackler and supporter on the run and you have arguably the NFLs best defensive weapon.

By my account Revis has given up a grand total of two touchdowns this season. The first came via a long bomb to Ted Ginn of all people and the second came via a quick pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss fro 4 or 5 yards out. The chart notes a touchdown for Mike Sims-Walker however this touchdown came while Revis was on the opposite side of the field covering Tory Holt as you can see here. After this touchdown the Jets immediately transferred Revis from Holt to Sims-Walker for the remainder of the game.

The New York Jets defense has given up the lowest total of passing yards per game in the NFL. They rank in the top 6 in the NFL in Scoring defense. Darrelle Revis is by far the biggest reason for both of these stats and he should be in serious contention to be the first Cornerback to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year since Deion Sanders in 1994.

Note: I did not include stats from the two games of the Dolphins, the Raiders game or the Titans game. The reason being the Raiders and Titans don't really have a #1 wideout and while Ted Ginn did burn Revis once in the first game, he basically rotter the bench in the 2nd game other than kick returns of course.

Note #2: This is also a fantastic read on Revis.

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patrick willis

Anonymous said...
2:14 PM  

Brian Cushing of Houston. Revis is good though, he just needs to shut his mouth. He is learning too much from your fat coach.

Hart said...
8:08 AM  

Revis hardly ever talks Hart... Not sure what you're talking about.

All he did prior to the Pats game was answer questions about how Randy Moss was a little whiny baby after he got shut down in week 2 and said it had nothing to do with Revis manning him up.

Read Moss Week 2:

Revis Week 11:

Simon said...
8:36 AM  

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