How Many Stars Does It Take to Get to The BCS?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here's a quick look at the recruiting rankings via scout for each of the ten teams in the BCS Bowl Games.

Obviously the numbers are what you would expect. Ohio State, Florida, Alabama and Texas are leaps and bounds ahead of the other teams. While the Wall Street Journal claims that "Top Recruits are Not a Prerquisite to the BCS", it certainly is the biggest key for repeat trips to the BCS.

Obviously, TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati are in the BCS thanks to their undefeated records. While they don't have the recruits to matchup up with the big boys from the Big Conferences, they also don't play the same caliber of schedule and none have found their ways into the Championship game thanks in part to their lower recruiting numbers (lower expectations = lower preseason poll = lower end of season poll).

All in all the BCS Bowl games look pretty even on the grounds of recruiting numbers with the exception of the Sugar Bowl where the Gators look to have a massive advantage when it comes to the athletes on the field.

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