Chris Johnson's Quest to Join the Two-Thousandeers

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Johnson is just 128 yards away from becoming the 6th NFL player of all time to rush for 2000 yards. Of the players who reached two-thousand, Johnson has less yards to pick up than three of five players to accomplish the feat. He has 3 more yards than Barry Sanders had, 42 yards more than Terrell Davis and 69 more than OJ Simpson had (granted OJ was through 13 not 15 games). Johnson would be the third player to gain 2000 yards as a 24 year old, but would be younger than both Eric Dickerson and Jamal Lewis before him.

Here's two different graphical views of the game to game progressions of rushing yards for each 2000 yard season along with Chris Johnson's potential accomplishment in 2009.

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