Ken Rosenthal Deserves a Gigantic Apology from the Blogosphere

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Over the weekend Ken Rosenthal had a hunch. He had a feeling something big was going to happen but he had no proof. Normally he would probably hold onto this feeling and not publish it but this weekend he probably had one two many cups of egg nog so he let it fly.

You want a blockbuster? How about one that includes not one, but two former Cy Young Award winners?

I have no proof that the Phillies are trying to move left-hander Cliff Lee as part of a three- or four-team trade for Blue Jays right-hander Roy Halladay.

But I’ve got a hunch. [Fox]

This hunch was met with several people spinning intense ridicule at the baseball writer, most notably Phillies Bloggers.

Meech, our Phillies interviewee from Blogging the Offseason, said this:

Come on, Ken. If baseball reporting was about hunches, every knucklehead with a press pass would just run possible trades through their dumb head and send them to their editor. It’d be fucking reporting anarchy, man. You might as well have just told us that the Astros are on the verge of signing Brett Myers and called it a day. [The Fightins]

Fellow Phillies blogger Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley pretty much thought the very idea was stupid:
That’s right: Ken proposes that the budget-constrained Phillies send away a 6-7.5 WAR pitcher (Lee) making $8 million in 2010 in an effort to acquire a a 6-7.5 WAR pitcher (Halladay) making nearly $16 million. He suggests that the Blue Jays — desperate to recoup value on the sure-to-depart pitcher — would pay for part of his salary. Unless the Jays cover at least $10 million, there’s absolutely no reason why this trade proposal even begins to make sense. [CA]

Cousins of Ron Mexico over at the Big Lead also joined in on the fun:
Not since Bill Simmons discovered the NBA trade simulator has such creativity been shown in dreaming up trades. [TBL]

Wait did you say just two days later this exact trade happened? Halladay got sent to Philly, Lee Got Sent to Seattlerand a handful of prospects got sent from Seattle and Philly to Toronto. Whoops. I think its time to repent blogger world and apologize to Mr. Rosenthal.

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All three blogs have published apologies/ kudos to KR

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