The Historic Results of NFL Team Rushing Leaders

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After Monday's post looking at the results of Team Defensive leaders, I decided it was time to take a look at the historic results of the team rushing leaders, another stat the jets currently lead.

(5 = SB win, 4=SB loss, 3=Conf. Loss, 2=Div. Loss, 1 = Wildcard Loss, 0 = No Playoff)

The results are not as promising as the Defensive Results. In the 80s the rushing teams all had a solid run of success. The Bears led the NFL for much of the earlier part of the decade and won a Superbowl with the combo of best rushing attack and best defense. The 90s also had a decent amount of success with the Bills making two Superbowls and the majority of the others at least making the divisional round.

Unfortunately for the Jets, the 2000s have been a drastically different story. Four teams in the 00s have led the NFL in rushing and failed to make the playoffs. No team in the 00s has led the league in rushing and made the Superbowl. Three of the past four rushing leaders have failed to make the playoffs. In essence, being the best rushing team in the NFL is no longer a guaranteer for success.

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