Week 13 NFL Pick Suggestions

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ya so um, this year I'm glad I don't gamble. I feel like my picking has regressed like Eli's Quarterback play.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (-4 1/2) at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons are likely without both Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. The Eagles maybe without DeSean Jackson. The Falcons losses are much much more impactful and the Eagles should be able to win comfortably.

2. Denver Broncos (-4 1/2) at Kansas City Chiefs
The Broncos bounced back from their 4 game skid with a destruction of the New York Giants. The Chiefs are terrible and the Broncos need a win to keep their cushion in the Wildcard run.

3. New England Patriots (-8 1/2) at Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins are effectively done. The Patriots haven't lost back to back games in forever. The Dolphins don't have Ronny Brown. The Pats are looking to bounce back from Monday nights beatdown. All signs point to blowout.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+8 1/2) at Carolina Panthers
Over the past few weeks with Josh Freeman at Q the Bucs have been very competitive. The Panthers are now officially done so while I think they win, I'm not assuming a blowout.

5. New York Jets (-3.5) vs. Buffalo Bills
If I go down, I might as well go down picking the Jets. They essentially need to win out to make the playoffs. They lost to the Bills in game one because Mark Sanchez threw every other pass to people wearing white. This week I think the blue uniforms help his color blindness and passes the ball to the right team.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Damn You Bengals
The Broncos cause why not...

The Rest of the Picks


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