Win Today And Cooperstown May Change Its Mind

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Muss goes for #20 today seeing if he can get past that almost hump. If he adds the 20th victory the Hall of Fame resume looks a lot better than it does right now.

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Even Rocky Had a Montage...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little vacation video...

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Is It That Hard to Be Honest And/Or Funny

Seriously, starting a charity is nice but the coolest thing that happened to you? Apparently Phelps funny bone is not as solid as his butterfly stroke.

Courtesy of AA

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On the Road, Hotlanta for the Weekend

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm headed down to Hotlanta tomorrow morning til tuesday for a wedding, so there are some cached posts on the way, but nothing substantial. Perhaps I shall just do a celebratory post of the Mets not making the playoffs now, and have it up on Sunday afternoon...

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AL Playoff Run Breakdown

Maybe I should be excited about the AL Central but I'm really not. The Twins are in first and they have the same record as the Yankees, so they just aren't that good a team. They have 3 games against KC this weekend which screams boredom, win all three and they are as good as in. Meanwhile the White Sox still control their destiny, sweep the Indians and beat the decrepit Tigers and they get a play in game. Lose one and they might be screwed.

Fri Sep 26 KC 8:10 PM Liriano (6-3) Davies (8-7)
Sat Sep 27 KC 3:55 PM Perkins (12-4) Meche (13-11)
Sun Sep 28 KC 2:10 PM Baker (10-4) Duckworth (3-2)

White Sox
Fri Sep 26 Cle 8:11 PM Danks (11-8) Lewis (3-0)
Sat Sep 27 Cle 7:05 PM Vazquez (12-15) Jackson (1-3)
Sun Sep 28 Cle 2:05 PM Buehrle (14-12) Lee (22-3)
Mon Sep 29 Det TBA Floyd (16-8) Garcia (1-1)

Who's In / Who's Out
I'm not doing too much analysis for this cause it's just not exciting, combined these teams are 8-12 in their last 20. KC gave the Twins an extra edge by declaring Greinke out for Sunday, I think the Twins win all three and get in when the White Sox slip up on Sunday as Cliff Lee cinches his Cy Young.

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NL Playoff Run Breakdown

3 teams, 3 games left, 2 spots remaining. So who gets in, who is out? Or will there be some extra baseball played on monday? Let's take a quick look at some key questions.

Fri Sep 26 Cubs 8:00 PM Suppan (10-10) Dempster (17-6)
Sat Sep 27 Cubs 3:55 PM Bush (9-10) Lilly (16-9)
Sun Sep 28 Cubs 2:05 PM Sabathia (16-10) Marquis (11-9)
Fri Sep 26 Florida 7:10 PM Pelfrey (13-10) Volstad (5-4)
Sat Sep 27 Florida 1:10 PM Niese (1-1) Nolasco (15-7)
Sun Sep 28 Florida 1:10 PM Santana (15-7) Olsen (8-11)
Fri Sep 26 Washington 7:05 PM Blanton (8-12) Balester (3-6)
Sat Sep 27 Washington 3:55 PM Moyer (15-7) Lannan (9-14)
Sun Sep 28 Washington 1:35 PM Hamels (14-10) Perez (7-11)

Will the Cubs Lay Down?
The Cubs didn't exactly put their best lineup out there last night against the Mets and I doubt they will over the course of the next few days. With Zambrano's recent struggles, either Lilly or Dempster will likely be their #2 starter which means both will likely be taken out around the 100 pitch mark leading to Sweet Lou doing some bullpen experimentation. I expect the Cubs to do exactly what they did against the Mets, rest some starters and anyone who is dinged up (ie DeRosa) and play with 75% of their A squad.

Sheets or Bush?
Ben Sheets is very questionable for Saturday but could potentially replace Bush on the mound if he's good to go. Personally I don't think that's going to happen, but Bush has been under the radar good this season so I don't think it's the worst possible situation.

Do the Nats Have Any Life?
The Phillies staff sucks but outside of Myers they have the three pitchers going this weekend they would like to go and they are playing a team they would like to play. As bad as the Nats are at least Odalis Perez and John Lannan can be tricky at times. But still at home against a 100 loss team the Phillies should be able to get it done this weekend. It will be interesting to see if the Phillies can win the first two and manage to save Hamels for game 1 of the NLDS.

Weather Forecastin
First off living in CT I know that's it's been pouring and pouring and pouring all day long and chances are high that the Mets game will end up getting postponed which most likely will lead to a double header on Sunday. This would be optimal for the Mets. The Mets have the option of bringing Santana back on 3 days rest on saturday if need be, but the man threw a career high in pitches his last start so that seems like it might not be the best idea, but pitching Niese isn't a good idea either. If the game tonight is canceled then the Mets get a bail out. They can pitch Pelfrey tomorrow, throw Santana on full rest on Sunday and pitch Ollie P on short rest rather than Niese.

Can the Marlins Do It 2 Times?
The Marlins knocked the Mets out of the postseason last year and ironically they get the same opportunity this year. Outside of making the playoffs themselves the Marlins would like nothing better than to watch the Mets stare blankly onto the field on sunday after their playoff hopes have been eviscerated.

Do You Rest Your Ace If You're a Game Up?
If the Mets/Phillies/Brewers are a game up on sunday what do they do with their staff aces? Do they go for the throat and pitch their top guys to clinch the spot, or do they roll the dice pitch a lesser guy hoping for a win in order to save their ace for hopefully the ALDS or at worst the Play-In game.

Who's In / Who's Out
I expect all teams to go 2 and 3. I expect the Phillies to win their first two games and go into Sunday up 2 games on the Brewers and Mets with the ability to rest Cole. I expect the Mets and Brewers to be forced throw Santana and Sabathia in Sundays game and I expect both to win which sets up a monday showdown where the Mets have nobody to pitch and the Brewers pray for Sheets to be ready. I have a feeling that Sheets will giddy it up on monday afternoon against a Mets pitcher of your choice (Niese maybe, Petey on 3 days rest doubtful, Maine back from the dead doubtful) and in the process send the Brew Crew to October baseball.

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NFL Week 4 Pick Suggestions

I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I'll do better this week (can't do much worse).

5. Tennessee Titans (-3 1/2) vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings picked up W #1 last weekend but they weren't facing the Titans defense who will make Gus return to his Frerotten days.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (-3 1/2) at Chicago Bears
The Eagles are arguably the second best team in the NFL right now. They pummeled Big Ben into a submission and they will do the same to Kyle Orton this weekend. All while putting up points on the overrated Bears defense.

3. Jaguars (-7 1/2) vs. Houston Texans
Whoops... messed that up. We'll go with the Texans to lose again.

2. Washington Redskins (+11 1/2) vs. Dallas Cowboys
I know the Cowboys are probably the best team in the league right now, but 11 1/2 points in conference against a team that's played well the past two weeks? I'll be stupid and say the Redskins are going to keep it close.

1. San Diego Chargers (-7 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
The Raiders have been surprisingly non-awful the past few weeks despite all the Kiffin rumors. I think it's about time they return to awful. Plus the Chargers are still a little desperate as 1-3 will probably put them 3 games back of the Broncos.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle

I'm out but if you're still in and you pick Jacksonville this week, you will still be in next week.

Non-Spread Picks

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Apparently Unranked Teams Are Tougher Than Ranked Teams

It is now the 3rd season without the USC trio of Bush, Leinart, and Lendale. In these 3 years the Trojans have continued to extremely talented. They have continued to pummel ranked opponents, but something has changed. Each year the Trojans come up limp against one of the lesser in conference opponents. In the past 3 seasons the Trojans are 10-1 against ranked opponents with all ten wins by a touchdown or more. Meanwhile they have a total of 5 losses in these 3 seasons. All 5 of these losses coming in conference with 4 coming against unranked opponents.

I just don't get it. I understand that it's easier to get up for big games like USC or the Rose Bowl but still, how can a team throttle a two time BCS title participant and then in their next game get outclassed by a 1-2 team with a loss to Stanford?

Maybe it says something about Pete Carroll and what always appears to be a laid back attitude. Maybe it says that he prepares and prepares for the big time matchups and eases up when their squad is heading to face a lesser opponent. Maybe he has a difficult time motivating his players when they aren't looking across the field at top competetion. Maybe it says something about the USC players that are recruited, maybe because they are all 5 star prospects they figure that when they line up against a worse team that they are just going to win no matter what.

Whatever the issue is, it is obvious that the crux of the post trio Trojans is the let down. They have the talent to beat and destroy any team in the country, and they do. But they have the mental toughness to lose to just about anybody, and they do. Mark down the 3rd straight season that the Trojans have the best talent in the country but throw it down the toilet.

2008 Ranked Win: #5 Ohio St. 35-3
2008 Loss: @Oregon St. 27-21

2007 Ranked Wins: @#14 Nebraska 49-31, @#24 Cal 24-17, @#6 Arizona St. 44-24, Rose Bowl #13 Illinois 49-17
2007 Losses: Stanford 24-23, @#5 Oregon 24-17

2006 Ranked Wins: #19 Nebraska 28-10, #21 Oregon 35-10, #17 Cal 23-9, #6 Notre Dame 44-24, Rose Bowl #8 Michigan 32-18
2006 Losses: @Oregon St. 33-31, @UCLA 13-9

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Beaver Playmates > Trojan Criminals

So, I have no idea how the friggin Beavers beat the Trojans yet again last night but if there's answers it just might be in this sign.

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Yovani to the Brewers Rescue?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

May 2nd Yovani Gallardo leaped over a sliding Reed Johnson on a play at first. And with all leaps, Yovani landed, his landing just so happened to leave one key body part not intact. On that fateful leap the sophomore pitcher with all the promise in the world tore his ACL apart and seemingly ended his 2008 season before it even got underway.

Well tonight after 4 months and 3 weeks of rehab, Yovani has fought his way back into the Brewers rotation and will make the start this evening. I've heard of athletes recovering quickly from ACL surgery, but just over 4 months? That is some solid dedication some diligent rehabbing and the benefit of being a 22 year old.

With 4 games left to go its tough for me to not pull for the Brewers with what some of their pitchers are fighting through (not Sheets of course). Between Gallardo coming back from an ACL rupture and Sabathia pitching on short rest potentially three straight starts, it seems like every Brewer pitcher is doing whatever it takes to get them to the playoffs (except Sheets) and that's a refreshing thing to see.

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

It's not quite the week for the SEC as last, but still the SEC is almost the only relevant conference right now in college football and until everyone has a loss they will continue to have the biggest game of the weekend.

5. Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines
Hey I know you don't care about this game and neither does anybody outside of the northern midewest, but for some reason I think Michigan is going to pull off the upset here. 2 weeks to prepare, they can't possibly play worse than they did in South Bend, Wisconsin is invetiably going to choke. This is probably the heart overwriting the brain, but McGuffie is gonna get it done. The Pick: Wolverines by 1

4. Texas Christian Horned Frogs at Oklahoma Sooners
Hey look the Sooners actually want to play a team with talent this week. Well that's fun. I'd imagine the spikey frogs won't be a problem for the Sooners at home though. The Pick: Sooners by 13

3. Virginia Tech Hokies at Nebraska Corn Huskers
Imagine if this matchup occured during the Mike Vick years, before Bill Callahan threw Nebraska's program down the shitter? Everybody would love it. Now? Neither team is ranked even though they have a 6-1 combined record. It will be interesting to see if Bo Pelini can win his first big matchup for the huskers or if Tyrod will continue to win football games for the Hokies. The Pick: Hokies by 2

2. Illinois Illini at Penn State Nittany Lions
Everyone seemingly is gushing over what Penn State has shown over the first 4 weeks of the season to which I question with "Um, who have they beaten?" Look they won every game by a ton but they played the Chanticleers in Happy Valley. That's fair. I think Senile's boys are going to run into a Juice buzzsaw this weekend. The Pick: Illinois by 4.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide at Georgia Bulldogs
I can't say I'm ready to bored the Bama bus yet even though they have been impressive when they face BCS challengers. UGA just seems like they have the talent to wipe away any Bama threat, especially at home. The Pick: UGA by 9.

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The Case For Santana for 2008 NL Cy Young

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The good ole media has pretty much crowned Brandon Webb as the 2008 NL Cy Young award winner with a sliver of love being thrown the way of Tim Lincecum, but where's the love for Johan Santana? Isn't it 2008? Isn't it time to start devaluing wins? Let's compare the stats of the three candidates and see where Webb stands out.

Wins: Webb 22, Lincecum 17, Johan 15

Innings Pitched: Johan 225 1/3, Lincecum 220, Webb 219 2/3

ERA: Johan 2.64, Lincecum 2.66, Webb 3.24

WHIP: Johan 1.17, Lincecum 1.18, Webb 1.2

Quality Starts: Johan 27, Lincecum 25, Webb 24

K/9: Lincecum 10.31, Johan 7.87, Webb 7.21

K/BB: Johan 3.28, Lincecum 3.07, Webb 2.79

Average Game Score: Lincecum 61.6, Johan 59.3, Webb 56.2

Those are just a sampling of some of the more popular statistics used in evaluating pitching in the year 2008. Webb has the advantage over Santana (or Lincecum for that matter) in one thing wins. The one thing the pitcher only has a 50% control over. Santana definitively has been a better pitcher than Webb this season and has marginally been a better pitcher than Lincecum, but just like when he lost the Cy Young to fat ass Colon he will get screwed over from the Cy Young Award by his teammates and their inability to score runs or protect leads. Sucks for him.

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5 Hitting Stat Leaders You Certainly Did Not Know

#1 Extra Base Hit: Aubrey Huff
A lot was made the past few days of Stephen Drews 40, 10, & 20 splits so one might have thought he was the extra base hit leader. Some may have thought Albert Pujols the best hitter in baseball had the most extra base hits. Others may have gone with Hamilton or Utley or Wright or Braun or any of the studs in the league right now. Would anybody have thought it was Aubrey Huff who has the most extra base hits in baseball?

#6 Grounded into Double Play: Derek Jeter
Here's a stat most probably didn't know about the disappointing Yankees this year; Derek Jeter hits into a ton of double plays. He's certainly having a down year average wise and overall stat wise but his 26 double plays have consistantly been rally killers.

#1 Pitcher Per Plate Apperance: Nick Swisher
I would have thought the Greek God of Walks would have dominated this category or hitters like Adam Dunn, Ryan Howard, Jack Cust etc. Players that either strike out, walk or hit homers. I guess Swisher is close to this category but he certainly wouldn't have been my first guess. Regardless, Swisher sees over 4.5 pitches per plate appearance and is certainly a key contributor for the White Sox grinding away starters.

#1 Hit By Pitch: Chase Utley
Utley is certainly an old school player and I guess I can't say I'm surprised by the fact he is leading baseball in getting drilled. But he is smallish and should be able to get out of the way of pitches, unlike the large man that trails him by 7 Jason Giambi. I guess its obvious that Utley doesn't really want to get out of the way.

#11 Stolen Bases: Matt Kemp
I knew Kemp was a great athlete coming into this season and that he had a chance of going 20/20 if actually given the paying time he deserved. But did you have any idea that the man has 35 steals this year? Only 3 behind teammate Juan Pierre.

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5 Pitching Stat Leaders You Certainly Did Not Know

#3 RBI Against: Andy Pettitte
If you're a Yankee fan then you know that this has not been the prototypical year for Andy Pettitte. He's struggled often to get the big out in the big spot and has given up runs in seemingly every game. But I don't think any Yankee fan would have thought that Pettitte gave up the third most RBIs in the league. That's miserable.

#5 WHIP: Ricky Nolasco
Talk about floating under the radar. Did you know that Nolasco has 15 wins with a 3.55 ERA? Probably not. And if you didn't know that then you certainly would not know that Nolasco is fifth in major league baseball in WHIP which is better than that of Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, Tim Lincecum and CC Sabathia.

#10 WHIP: Dave Bush
For some reason Ned Yost decided it was a good idea to platoon Dave Bush in the starting rotation. This is the same Yost that skipped many of Bush's start in 06 when he was arguably the best pitcher on the staff.

#1 Stolen Bases Against: Gavin Floyd
Floyd is having a great season in helping the White Sox pursue the AL Central Crown but it's pretty obvious then when he gives up base runners, he pays no attention to them. Players have stolen 34 bases against Floyd, 6 more than any other pitcher in baseball.

#1 Balls in Play Average: Carlos Marmol
While he's not walking or striking people out from the bullpen, Marmol is forcing weakly hit balls as no one is even remotely close to his league lowest balls in play average.

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Is CC Sabathia a Clutch Pitcher?

CC Sabathia is about to make a boat load of money this offseason. He's a durable left handed ace who when ported to the National League won his first 9 decisions. He's been so dominant for the Brewers the 2nd half of the season that there were proponents for his Cy Young candidacy. And then September rolls around the Brewers hit the shitter and CC Sabathia is 0-2 in his 4 starts.

CC Sabathia has pitched for 4 teams in his career that were in the playoff race in September. In 2001, his rookie season, Sabathia helped lead the Indians into the postseason. In 2005 the Indians fought for both the wildcard and the division but came up short on both ends. Last season the Indians took home the division and this year he's obviously fighting with the Brew crew for the wild card. So let us simply look at his September numbers for these years.

In 2001 Sabathia threw 35 2/3 innings over 6 starts to the tune of a 4.29 ERA. He went 3-1 with 4 quality starts and two miserable starts where he gave up 6 and 7 runs respectively. His WHIP of 1.31 was mediocre mostly do to a poor BB per 9 of 4.54. One thing Sabathia did do in his 2001 season was finish extremely strong, his last three starts of the regular season he pitched 17 innings and gave up a lone run. Sabathia followed up the regular season outings by winning his lone playoff start, giving up 2 runs through 6 in an easy 17-2 victory.

In 2005 Sabathia was an absolute beast in September. Sabathia started 6 games going 4-1, throwing 43 1/3 innings to the tune of a 1.45 ERA and a WHIP of .9. His K per 9 in September of 05 was 9.55 and the only game the Indians lost which he started in September was more do to the offense than Sabathia. Sabathia gave up 1 run in 6 innings in a 2-0 shutout loss to the A's.

Last year people remember Sabathia's miserable postseason showing, but in September he went 4-0 in 5 starts. He threw 38 innings to the tune of a 2.37 ERA and a .97 WHIP. The Indians won all 5 of his September starts and Sabathia took home the Cy Young. In the postseason Sabathia however was quite the opposite. He gave up 3, 4, and 8 runs in his 3 respective starts and was amongst the main reasons the Indians choked away their series to the Red Sox.

This season for the Brewers Sabthia is 0-2 in 4 starts with a 3.03 ERA (plus 3 unearned runs) over 26 2/3 innings pitched. The Brewers are 2-2 in Sabathia's starts which isn't ideal, but it's certainly better than the 4-13 they are this month without him. Sabathia's is scheduled to go on 3 days rest tonight for the Brewers and if there's still a meaning to the game on Sunday he will again throw on 3 days rest. If Sabathia can come up big and help lead the Brewers to the postseason no matter he does in October he will be a hero in Wisconsin.

So what does history say? It tells you that for the most part Sabathia has been a very good pitcher in the closing month of the season when in the race. Even this year despite the slump, he's given his team a chance to win games and he's willing to make sacrifices for the squad.

These next 5 days could go a long way in eviscerating the memory of his horrid 2007 postseason and could potentially add even more money to a contract that already will compete for the highest in MLB.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As a Jet fan, you listen to the GM and coach chirp all offseason about the additions they made. How they got Calvin Pace and he's perfect for the system. How Gholsten is going to a superior pass rusher this year and how he's a physical specimen. How the line is going to be solid with the additions of Faneca and Woody and their run game is going to amongst the best in the league. How the Jenkins is finally the 3-4 nose guard that the scheme has needed. And of course how Brett Favre opens up the offense and now the squad has no limitations. And so Jet fans listen they get their hopes up, they think maybe they'll be a playoff team this year. Obviously because we're Jet fans and are typically massively pessimistic we temper these expectations some, but we should make the playoffs right? The GM and coach sure think so.

And what do we get as fans? We get a nationally broadcasted embarrassment. A full blown embarrassment. The offense turned the ball over 4 times and threw in a turnover on downs for good measure. The defense forced a punt 1 F'n time the entire game. 1 Punt. Shit the Chargers only had three plays the entire game on 4th down and two of them ended up being made field goals. The only part of the Jets that was worthwhile last night was the F'n kick return. Even the god damn fans were embarrassing. JEST? Seriously you can't spell Jets? Shit.

Who Wants to Block? No One of Course

A lot shat is being slung Brett's way today and while he certainly didn't play well and he could have easily thrown two more interceptions I'm not going to lay the biggest burden on him. Rather I'd like to pick a bone with the offensive line and protection schemes. Too often the Chargers had a man running completely free at Favre. Too often did he have absolutely no time to throw the ball. And even though they allowed only three sacks the entire game, two game in the red zone and one pushed them out of field goal range. That's pretty timely.

In addition I just don't get our coaching staffs treatment of the offensive line. Last week they had confidence in the line enough to pound the rock 3 times at the goal line. This week? After several penalties on a two point conversion attempt the Jets wound up with the ball on the 1/4 yard line. So they pound the rock right? Nope, they line up in Shotgun with 5 wide. 5 F'n wide. And incomplete of course. What the hell is wrong with you people, just QB sneak the shit. You contradict the crap out of yourselves.

Who Wants to Hit the QB? Not the Jets of Course

0 sacks. That's right zip nada zero. When your secondary is obviously mismatched and your d-line can't get any pressure on the QB it's not a recipe for success. Any time the Jets actually did come with a blitz the lineman seemingly all ran into the same blocker. The one time the Jets actually got pressure on Rivers and I was thinking to myself 'oh shit we might get a sack', Rivers immediately dumped the ball off for a designed screen to Sproles which gained a first down.

A Chronicle of Turnovers

Ok so Favre's turnovers let's take a quick peak at those. First off Cromartie should have picked a pass to the house in the first quarter. It was obviously a miscommunication between Favre and TJ, as Favre was looking for TJ to stop and curl after 5 yards and TJ ran a fly. Cromartie on the other hand was paying attention and somehow snuffed the catch attempt. TJ made up for Cromartie's blunder, by fumbling on the next snap. Yay!

On the very next possession the Jets got the ball to the 50 and Favre threw an out route pass high and away. Coles somehow allowed Cromartie to reach over him with one hand and tip the ball to himself and then of course acted like the play was over only to finally realize Cromartie intercepted the ball when he was 15 yards away. INT Touchdown, YAY!

So... Two possessions later the Jets get the ball back (after giving up another touchdown of course), and the vaunted my receiver goes one way I throw the ball the other play works to perfection and some dude named Weddle picks the ball off. Perhaps the Jets should just run routes in straight lines, no change of direction ever therefore we confuse no one. Neither ourselves nor the opposing defense.

The final Favre bout with a potential INT came on 4th and 4 near the goal line when he had no time to pass the ball nor an open receiver and he just threw it up for grabs in the middle of the end zone. Whatever, its better than taking a sack. Somehow the DB for San Diego let it hit his stomach and fall to the ground, but regardless of the drop they still lost the ball.

Oh... And for good measure Clemens just wanted to make sure everyone knows he sucks by throwing and interception at the end of the game.

Other Random Pissed Off Thoughts

~Dwight Lowery is a nice nickel corner, he's too small to be covering Gates or Jackson on any routes as was shown by two of the huge plays the Chargers had. Whomever Revis does not cover against the Cardinals (Boldin or Fitz) next week is going to have a massive afternoon.

~Jenkins better not be hurt for a lengthy period or we are screwed.

~Vernon recorded a tackle for the first time. Woo 1 tackle in 3 games that's awesome production from the #6 god damn pick in the draft. You know who else has 1 tackle this season for the Jets? Alan Faneca and Jerricho Cotchery.

~I almost wish this was the bye week as I'm so annoyed with the no shows of the past two weeks that I'd almost rather not risk another potential loss next week to a team they absolutely have to beat.

Snapshot of the Moronic Jet Fans Courtesy of Tirico Suave

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Personal Seat Licenses: Giants vs. Jets

The Jets and Giants are opening 'jetBlue' Stadium in August of 2010. Both teams are selling off Personal Seat Licenses to the fans which essentially is a big 'Go F Yourself' to any season ticket holder (or its an asset that might have even more value in the future if you care to look at it in a positive light). Each team has devised its own system to determine the price of the PSLs so let's take a look and see who are the winners and losers.

First of all let's just say unless you're loaded you aren't getting premium or club seating anytime soon. The premium seating on the field level around the 50, have at minimum a 20K PSL. So unless you got the cash to drop over 100K in one year for 8 days of enjoyment, I'm guessing you'll pass up on this offer. So let's just do an analysis of which side is better for fans/corporations.

Corporations Better 'Bargain': (Giants by a lot)
It's pretty simple to analyze which team has a better deal for the the extremely rich/corporations, it's the Giants. The Jets are auctioning off their most premium seats on the home side while the Giants are offering a flat 20K PSL. Meanwhile on the road side the Giants stick with a flat 20K PSL while the Jets go with 25K. In addition the PSLs in all of the box suites in the mezzanine are more expensive for the Jets as well. In actuality the Jets have a higher ticket price or PSL in every section not in the upper deck. And throw on the fact that the Giants are a better team now and are the more historic franchise and it's pretty simple that

The Average Fan: (Jets by a little)
I sit in the upper-deck, I'm not ashamed of saying so I sit in the upper-deck for basically everything. I go to Yankee Stadium or Shea or a basketball game, I'm in the upper-deck. I'm cheap what can I say. I don't really want to drop 75% more to be lower. With that being said people of my mindset end up slightly better with the Jets. They upper-deck for the Jets has no PSL so there is no up front fee, the problem is the Jets Upper-Deck tickets are priced higher and thus the Jets will make up the lost PSL money over a 10 year period.

The Giants however have better packages in the lower portion of the field for fans. The Jets have a lot more distribution in their PSL rates and typical the Giants end up with a section or two which is of lower price than the Jets. The difference isn't remarkable, but still there.

Overall for the common poor fan willing to sit in the upper-deck the Jets strategy is better, if you aren't going to be 100 yards up in the air in December than the Giants packages are slightly better.

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NFL Week 3 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: Kansas City Chiefs, Obviously the Chiefs are just a miserable football team. In two weeks they managed to get destroyed by teams that had a top 4 draft pick last season. Herm just might be on his last legs here. Runners Up: Lions and Rams should join the Chiefs in a round robin toilet bowl competition for the #1 draft pick.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Al Davis, Senile old man can you just fire Kiffin or say he's coaching the entire year already? The Raiders aren't making the playoffs this year so it really doesn't matter whom your coach is, it's just annoying for everybody on the planet to deal with your senile old man stupidity on a day to day basis. Runners Up: Phil Savage for having the genius to sign DA to a long term deal and now 3 weeks into the season contemplating putting in Quinn, Jet fans for pretending their team was going to be good this year.

Cough Cough Cough: Martin Gramatica, While former Saint Kicker John Carney was knocking home the game winner for the Giants in overtime, Mr. Gramatica was sucking it up on a 43 yarder that would have given the Saints a lead within 2 minutes. Instead he shanked it, and the Saints are 1-2. Runners Up: Colts D for giving up a FG in 67 seconds, the Bears D for giving up the final TD in regulation.

The Shocker: Dolphins, If I was still alive in my suicide league there would have been two options to choose from this week. The first being the Bills against the Raiders and the second and better choice being the Pats at home against the Dolphins. Well, I'm guessing a ton of people were dumped in the 3rd week after the debacle at the Razor. Runners Up: JT O'Sullivan has 2 wins as a starter this year, the Ravens are 2-0 somehow.

The Pimp: Ronnie Brown, When a man has 5 touchdowns against a team that hasn't lost a regular season game in almost 2 calendar years, the man is the pimp no questions asked. Runners Up: Michael Turner who is living up to the hype, Everybody in the NFC East.

You Got Jakked Up: Three Day Old Cheeseburger, If anybody took a consistant ass whoppin this week it was Big Ben who was getting smashed on every single snap by the Iggles D-Line.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Brian Griese, Seriously? That dude threw for over 400 yards this week? Seriously? WTF?

New York Jets Anti-MVP: Any Lineman, Who needs to protect their QB or hit the opposing QB? Certainly not the Jets.

My Picks

My Picks: 12-4
Preseason Picks: 12-4
Picks Vs. Spread: 5-11

So... maybe I shouldn't do so much picking of spreads and should just stay with the 'analyst' role of picking game winners. That's working out a lot better for me.

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An eCard from My Fantasy Team to Me

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NCAA Week 4 Power Rankings

Monday, September 22, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

The SEC had big matchups this weekend and the chips fell exactly where I expected them to with LSU, Bama, Florida and UGA looking like the class of the conference.

1. USC - The idle Trojans could potentially get supplanted if an SEC team runs the table, but that victory over the Buckeyes won't be going away anytime soon. Quality Wins: Ohio State

2. LSU - The Tigers despite their questionmarks at quarterback were able to battle back on the road against a solid Auburn squad and now a firmly entrenched in the BCS race once again. Quality Wins: @Auburn

3. Alabama - Who knows if Arkansas is any good or whether Clemson is for real and will take home the ACC, but right now Bama is looking very impressive when matched up against fellow BCS schools. Quality Wins: @Clemson, @Arkansas

4. South Florida - The win versus Kansas was huge but they are looking vulnerable every weekend they play. Eventually this team is going to get knocked off. Quality Wins: Kansas

5. Mizzou - They put up a ton of points again but one has to question if their defense gives up 20+ points to Buffalo, how many will they give up against the Sooners or Longhorns? Quality Wins: (n)Illinois

6. UGA - UGA is cruised this weekend in Arizona, and gets to host the Crimson tide this weekend for the biggest showdown of the weekend. Quality Wins: @South Carolina, @Arizona St.

7. Wisconsin - The Badgers can still hang their hat on the Fresno victory thanks to Fresno pulling off an OT win against Toledo. Quality Wins: @Fresno St.

8. Vandy - Vandy hangs on vs. Ole Miss and hangs on in the rankings. I'd imagine they will lose soon enough and fall out. Quality Wins: South Carolina

9. Utah -Utah saved their skin and their ranking with a late 4th quarter comeback against Air Force. Quality Wins: @Michigan, @Air Force

10. Wake Forest - Thinking FSU on the road is a big win might be a thing of the past but Wake got themselves a jump start in the ACC and just might make a push for their BCS birth. Quality Wins: @FSU

11. Florida - Road wins against Tennessee are usually very impressive but let's not forget the Vols lost to UCLA who is absolutely terrible. It was a crapshoot for me to select between Florida and BYU, but the edge for this week is to Florida. Quality Wins: @Tennessee

Dropped Out: Arkansas St. (they lost last weekend and I missed it whoops), East Carolina (due to a miserable miserable miserable loss to NC St. who is awful, plus WVU lost again), BYU (thanks to UCLA proving they are awful by losing to Arizona)

Noticeable Absences: Oklahoma, Texas & Texas Tech with their very difficult out of conference schedules.

(n) = neutral field

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2 Minute Review of the Ryder Cup

Go America. Without Tiger the Americans seemed more unified seemed to have a better time and pulled out an early sunday afternoon victory. I certainly can't say that Tiger was the downfall of past Ryder Cup squad, but it seemed to benefit the squad that instead of him players like Boo Weekley, JB Holmes, Anthony Kim were around. Players that seem to make those around them laugh and enjoy themselves rahter than be nervous around the presence of the all mighty.

Meanwhile the European powers crumbled under the pressure. Paddy Irish and Sergio Spanish did not come up big for a squad that needed them. Without some key European contributors (such as Luke Donald and Monty) the Europeans just did not have their A game. And they were sent packing by an enthusiastic American squad and crowd.

My Predictions

Solid Predictions

2. Anthony Kim will be your American Hero and will make you learn his name.
Kim is going to a beast for America for a long time, he's passionate and he's got a great skill set. He's the American answer to Sergio, hopefully without the choking in Majors.

7. Pink Pants Poulter will be a beast for the Europeans.
Pink Pants Poulter was the best golfer in the tournament. 4.0 points himself.

4. Phil Mickelson remains mediocre in Ryder Cup play.
1-2-2 is piss poor for the man that is the 2nd best golfer on the planet.

5. Bald man Furyk plays better this year without Tiger than he did in 06.
2-1-1 is a solid result for the bald man.

Dead Wrong Predictions

8. Chad Campbell will be a miserable captains choice for the Americans.
2-1 is certainly not miserable, its winning golf.

6. JB Holmes will hit the ball hard and far, the home state Kentucky fans will love him, and he will fail them.
2-0-1 is not a failure, its beastly.

3. Sergio continues to carry the Europeans and loses only 1 match.
Sergio was awful, plain and simple.

So/So Predictions

9. The Europeans will definitely have better outfits.
The Europeans brought no colored pants, and only their outfits on saturday were relatively solid. The Americans at least busted out Tiger red on sunday.

10. The Cup comes down to Sunday afternoon and the last couple of pairings.
It came down to Sunday It was just over a bit earlier than the last pairings.

1. America wins by 1 point (14 1/2 - 13 1/2) cause Europeans obviously have to hate Kentucky.
They won just by a little bit more than expected.

Do Not Mess With Team Booze (2-0-1)


All Your Woman Are Belong to Azinger

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Week 4 College Football Picture Caption

Good/Fit Coach vs. Bad/Fat Coach
Equals Large Victory for Fit Coach

Joe Pa's BodyGuard Patrol
Cause This Year There Will Be No Blown Out Knees

Hungry Hungry Biceps
A Little Seminole Blood Fills Up the Tank

Arizona Apparently Is Not NASCAR Country
It's Losing Football Games Country

Sam Houston St. Employs the 12 Man Defense
He Takes Visa or American Express

110,000 Fans of a Loser
Summed Up By One Hands on Head Pose

That's One Large Exuberant Buckeye Fan
Someone Might Be a Bit Too Old For Stuffed Animals

Those Tricky Ivy Leaguers
Always Know How to Expose the Unbuttoned Chin Strap

Hugging And Throwing Just Don't Mix
It Ends Up in Tard Passes

Butch Davis' New Under the Radar Middle Finger
Or Just a One Fingered Time Out

Check To See If Your Neck is Intact

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2008 Miami Dolphin Official Playbook [Exclusive]

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How About jetBlue Stadium?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Do a Simple Math Equation: Jets + Big Blue = jetBlue. It might be corny to try to get a sponsor that incorporates the names of both teams, but it's certainly better than having a sponsor that funded the Nazi party right? jetBlue is the best sponsor for the New Stadium at the Meadowlands, get it done Woody/Mara/Tisch.

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Sign Bernie For Sunday

At the start of the 2007 season the Yankees organization brutally botched the Bernie Williams scenario. Instead of signing the best postseason player in franchise history for one final swan song, they signed Doug Stinkevich and Andy Can't Hit a Lick Philips. What a miserable idea. This season in centerfield the Yanks have played Melky and his 36 RBI in like 400 at bats and Brett .180 Gardener. Bernie would have been better than either even at 40.

So why bring this up now? Bernie needs a real send off. He deserves it. He was a great Yankee. In the 2 seasons since he has left he has never gotten his send off, never gotten the ovation he deserved. On sunday he will be at the stadium for the final home game at the House that Ruth Built. On sunday the Yankees should go one step further than honoring him on the field, they should sign him to a 1 day contract and suit him up. The season is done and over, and Bernie is probably better than Melky or Gardener anyway, I don't care if some people would see it as a mockery, the man deserves to wear the uniform one last time. He deserves to suit up and hear the roar of the crowd. His crowd.

Cashman, Steinbrenners, etc. get this done please.

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2 Second Long, 2 Hour Late, Ryder Cup Predictions

10. The Cup comes down to Sunday afternoon and the last couple of pairings.

9. The Europeans will definitely have better outfits.

8. Chad Campbell will be a miserable captains choice for the Americans.

7. Pink Pants Poultier will be a beast for the Europeans.

6. JB Holmes will hit the ball hard and far, the home state Kentucky fans will love him, and he will fail them.

5. Bald man Furyk plays better this year without Tiger than he did in 06.

4. Phil Mickelson remains mediocre in Ryder Cup play.

3. Sergio continues to carry the Europeans and loses only 1 match.

2. Anthony Kim will be your American Hero and will make you learn his name.

1. America wins by 1 point (14 1/2 - 13 1/2) cause Europeans obviously have to hate Kentucky.

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NFL Week 3 Pick Suggestions

Ya... When I said I had no confidence last week, I meant it. I went 6-10, but I went 3-2 in the suggestions (1 loss being the Jets). This week I'm feeling better if not for the reason that all home teams other than the Boys are favored. So it's a doggin week.

5. St. Louis Rams (+9 1/2) at Seattle Seahawks
Ok Ok I know this seems stupid. I mean the Rams got throttled both weeks this season, but listen to me for a sec. The Rams lost to the Eagles and defending Superbowl champs. Both teams are A) Good and B) Have dynamic offenses. The Seahawks just lost to the F'n 49ers at home. This game will be close.

4. New York Giants (-13 1/2) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
This spread looks huge I know. But the Bengals are terrible on both lines. They can't protect Palmer which has made his stats go through the shitter. And their defense is as bad as ever. All you need is a two td win at home from the Superbowl champs and you'll get it.

3. Tennessee Titans (-4 1/2) vs. Houston Texans
The Titans have arguably the best defense in the NFL and they are a better team with the Drunk at QB. They will win this game at home and win it by at least a touchdown.

2. New England Patriots (-12 1/2) vs. Miami Dolphins
Matt Cassel showed himself to be a serviceable quarterback in the past two weeks. He will only gain in confidence and will a week against the putrid Dolphins will be able to help that out. The Dolphins will score 7 or less and the Pats will easily put up 20+.

1. Cleveland Browns (+1 1/2) at Baltimore Ravens
I'm down on the Browns this year, but I'm not this down. The Ravens won week 1 on smoke and mirrors and would have been exposed last week had they played the Texans. Because they didn't you as a better get to enjoy this line in which they are favored for some dumb reason. The Browns lost to two top 5 teams in the NFL. The Ravens suck. Take the Browns this one's easy.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle

Balls once again I be out of the Survivor League because teams can't beat shitty teams at home. Screw you Seattle.

Non-Spread Picks

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Fantasy Pick'Em: Frerotte vs. Thigpen

Thursday, September 18, 2008

You're in a deep league you've drafted Tom Brady and Vince Young as a backup and somehow missed out on the waiver wire pickups of the Castle and the Drunk. Now you're left with only to options: Vikings new starting QB Gus Frerotte and Chiefs new starting QB Tyler Thigpen. So who do you go with?

The Case for Gus Frerotte

1. The Man Gives a Mean Headbutt.
2. You've actually heard of him before.
3. He does not play for a team that just lost by double digits to the Raiders.
4. He could potentially throw a dump off pass to Adrian Peterson and enjoy the benefits.
5. For some reason even though they have Peterson, Childress likes to throw the ball.
6. Has actually started a game before.
7. Did Not start at a college that lost to a tooth paste company's football team.
8. Stupid people picked the Vikings to win the Superbowl.

The Case for Tyler Thigpen

1. There's limited chance he leaves the game due to a self inflicted head butt injury.
2. He's not named Gus Frerotte.
3. The Chiefs Will be down by double digits so they'll let him throw the ball.
4. So what if Coastal Carolina sucks, Chanticleers is a solid nickname.
5. Myrtle Beach has a lot of golf courses and strip clubs so he probably enjoyed college more than Frerotte did at Tulsa.
6. Larry Johnson might rip off Herman Edward's head and open up the playbook.
7. The Chiefs are playing Atlanta, so it's a battle of 2 teams that suck.
8. Head coach makes sure he 'Plays to Win the Game'

My Choice Is: Thigpen

Why? Cause he's not named Gus Frerotte.

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The Big 5 College Football Games of the Weekend

It's SEC week in college football which equals fun (unless the score is 3-2).

5. Georgia Bulldogs at Arizona State Sun Devils
So Arizona St. lost to a bad UNLV team last weekend, but... maybe they were looking past the Rebs and at the Bulldogs. Right? So maybe this game will be a good one right? Probably not, but hey you never know when teams have to travel cross country to play, I mean UT lost to UCLA and look at how they fared last weekend. The Pick: UGA by 2

4. Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Florida St. Seminoles
Wake Forest is under the radar (probably cause the ACC sucks) and no one has any expectations for Florida St. after all of their off the field incidents this offseason and Bobby Bowden's senile tendencies. This matchup is amongst the biggest for the ACC Atlantic of the season and the winner gets a leg up on the trip to the title game. The Pick: FSU by 11

3. Alabama Crimson Tide at Arkansas Razorbacks
It's Bobby Petrino's first big game for the Razorbacks and he gets another carpetbagger to face off against in Nick Saban. The Razorbacks avoided their first loss last weekend thanks to Hurricane Ike and will be hard pressed to avoid a loss this weekend, but... for some reason I think Alabama is gonna choke. The Pick: Backs by 2

2. Florida Gators at Tennessee Volunteers
Should anybody have been surprised that UT choked against UCLA? I mean they choke every year. But then again they seemingly fight back every year with some clutch in conference victories. Those clutch victories usually come against Georgia though and not Florida and Tim Tebow who dropped 59 on the Vols last year. The Pick: Florida by 10.

1. Lousiana State Tigers at Auburn Tigers
Outside of Alabama making a serious run at the SEC West and knocking off one of these two clubs, this game is essentially for the SEC West Title Birth. After Auburn throttled Miss St. last week 3-2 they have to be brimming with confidence. LSU may have questions at quarterback but they have a better coaching staff and better athletes they'll find a way to get it done. The Pick: LSU by 3.

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Man U Now Sponsored By the Fed

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow, Man U would look really good sprinting up and down the Field with Ben Bernanke emblazoned on their jerseys. And with AIG getting 85$ Billion (with a B) from the Fed perhaps it should happen.

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