6 Games, 6 Tackles for the 6th Pick

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 games is too early in ones career to define them as a bust. A player can breakout at any point in time and become the great player that many thought they were going to be. What you can do however is assess what kind of impact a draft pick has made on a team after their first 6 games. And with Vernon Gholston the #6 pick of last years NFL Draft, that impact has been non-existent.

Through 6 games the Jets sit at 3-3. They are lacking massive playmakers on both sides of the ball. They contain no deep threat at wideout, inhibiting Brett from 'Gunslinging'. They do not contain a breakaway back (TJ ran for 150+ this weekend but had 3 opportunities for massive tds if only he beat the safety who was the lone player in his path. Each time he was easily tackled). On defense they lack a consistent pass rush and they lack a secondary cornerback after Revis.

In these 6 games Vernon Gholston was supposed to be the dominant edge pass rusher the team needed. We were told that he has the speed and power to attack and dominate offensive tackles. What has happenned through 6 games has been anything but dominant. Gholston has zero sacks and in fact has yet to even sniff one. He currently has 6 tackles on the season, 4 of which being solo. The 4 solo tackles puts him exactly one in front of Brad Smith.

If the Jets want to make a playoff run they are going to need Gholston to sack up and be a part of the team.

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