Completely Biased and Contradictory 2008 NBA Predictions

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The NBA Season has arrived so here is the biased and contradictory predictions.

NBA East

1. Boston Celtics, Atlantic Champs - The Celtics will take some time to figure out how to replace Posey on the defensive end and for clutch threes but they should be even more gelled as a unit than they were last year. Hopefully Bill Walker jumps into Posey's role a bit while not starting brawls. The Cs should have the best record in the East and approach 60 wins.

2. Detroit Pistons, Central Champs - The Pistons said they were going to shake things up in the offseason and well they didn't. Which means they will once again be 2nd best in the East.

3. Cleveland Cavs -LBJ got some toys to play with in the offseason. Should make the Cavs slightly better but not much. They should approach 50 wins because LBJ is King.

4. Orlando Magic, Southeast Champs - The Magic were a surprise last year and should hold onto the Southeast crown because very other team is terrible.

5. Philadelphia 76ers - Elton Brand makes the 76ers an intriguing watch this year.

6. Toronto Raptors - Chris Bosh is still the most unknown stud in the NBA thanks to playing in Toronto.

7. Miami Heat - A Healthy D-Wade equals the playoffs this year right? They won't need a superb record to get in and Wade should be able to reapply the superman cape.

8. Atlanta Hawks - The Hawks have no depth but still have the same 5 that lead them to the playoffs last year and gave the Cs all they could handle. J-Childress bouncing to Greece will hurt some.

9. Washington Wizards - Injuries to start the year will give them a miserable record that will be too difficult to overcome.

10. New Jersey Nets - Devin Harris will emerge as one of the best young point guards in the league but it won't be enough to get them into the playoffs.

11. Chicago Bulls - Still no low post scoring for the Bulls who missed their window to trade for a Superstar when they had the chance.

12. New York Knicks - The Knicks shall be interesting this year at least with all the big name benching D'Antoni will do, starting with fat Eddy.

13. Charlotte Bobcats - A team without a superstar is a team with a miserable record.

14. Milwaukee Bucks - Richard Jefferson and Michael Redd are not good enough to carry a team to the playoffs.

15. Indiana Pacers - Name 5 Pacers? Go... How many do you have 1? Maybe 2? Did you come up with Dunleavy?

NBA West

1. LA Lakers, Pacific Champs - With Bynum back at full strength and Pao for the entire season the Lakers should cruise into the Pac title.

2. Houston Rockets, Southwest Champs - Ron Ron fortifies the Rockets defense that much more. With Ron Ron and Shane Battier the Rockets have Crazy & Calm stud defenders. Now if only they could keep Yao and T-Mac healthy for once to have a great offense to go with the D.

3. New Orleans Hornets - Chris Paul is a beast and David West is an all star. Adding James Posey just gives them the Title experience they may need to get over the hump.

4. Utah Jazz, Northwest Champs - I <3 Deron Williams.

5. San Antonio Spurs - Manu being hobbled does not bode well for the aging Spurs who will easily make the postseason but is their run done?

6. Phoenix Suns - The Suns are going in a different offensive direction, which could end up in disaster.

7. Portland Trailblazers - The Blazers will make the playoffs this season behind their two rookies Rudy Fernandez and Greg Oden. They will emerge at the tale end of the season as the team nobody wants to open with in the playoffs.

8. Dallas Mavericks - J-Kidd is just about done but the Mavs still have enough talent to make the playoffs.

9. Denver Nuggets - Getting rid of Camby for nothing shall doom the Nuggets.

10. LA Clippers - B-Diddy is going to have a rough first year for the Clip-Show.

11. Sacramento Kings - Kevin Martin is good, but not best player on a playoff team good.

12. Minnesota Timberwolves - The T-Wolves may surprise some people this year after their additions on the perimeter, but it certainly won't be enough to make the playoffs just yet.

13. Golden St. Warriors - The Warriors are done without Monte.

14. Memphis Grizzlies - The Grizz are Gay's team and well that's not really a great thing yet.

15. Seattle Supersonics OKC Thunder - Karma says this team should have the worst record in the conference.

Eastern Conference Champs: Boston Celtics

The Lebrons gave the Cs a huge run for their money last year and chances are they will again this postseason. They just don't have enough to get it done and neither do the Pistons. The Celtics are still the class of the East and barring major injuries should once again represent the Conference in the finals.

Western Conference Champs: Houston Rockets

We're going a little balls to the walls and non-traditional with the pick this year. Somehow someway T-Mac and Yao will be healthy in the postseason. Their health plus the defense of Battie plus the sprinkling of crazy dust from Ron Ron gets them past the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

World Champs: Boston Celtics

I was gonna go with the Rockets to be completely out there and say I'm so smart I picked the Rockets to win the title and they did. Or say whatever I went out on a limb when they don't make the playoffs. But screw it I'm picking the Celtics to repeat. Sure they lost Posey but they replaced him with youth. They still have the Big 3 and they now have an extra year to congeal into the perfect team. The Celtics continue to dominate the NBA.

NBA Season Awards

Comeback Player of the Year: Dwayne Wade, He was out long enough to be considered comeback right?

Coach of the Year: Nate McMillan, When the Blazers are good this year the media will proclaim Nate McMillan a great coach.

Rookie of the Year: Rudy Fernandez, Greg Oden will be a beast but Rudy Fernandez will slightly outshine the big fella for the rookie of the year award.

Sixth Man of the Year: Shane Battier, When Battier gets fully healthy he will emerge as the all-around best 6th man in the league.

Defensive Player of the Year: Tayshaun Prince, Lanky Prince will get the award thanks to his Nationally Televised Defense of LBJ.

Most Improved Player of the Year: Amir Johnson, Now a starter Johnson

Most Valuable Player: Lerbon James, At some point in time the voters will stop screwing him out of the award he deserves every year.

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