NFL Week 8 Awards

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow You Guys Suck: Bungles & Lions, Collectively 0-15 and unfortunately not lined up to play against each other. Who wants to go winless more? Runners Up: JT O'Sullivan likes to throw the ball to the other team, Fred Taylor who is useless this season.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Brett Favre, Throw the ball to the people wearing Green jerseys. They are the ones that are on your team. Runners Up: James Harrison for volunteering to long snap for the Steelers, Brett Favre again cause he was doubly stupid.

Cough Cough Cough: Tampa Bay Bucs, You've got the ball in the red zone on your final drive, you need to get it done. The Bucs just fell short and instead of leading the division they are a game behind the Panthers. Runners Up: Arizona way to get pounded in the 2nd half, the Jags apparently don't really want to make the playoffs.

The Shocker: The Chargers and Colts Standings, Coming into the season everyone thought the Chargers and Colts would remain among the elite and after 8 weeks of play both teams are on the outside looking in and absolutely reeling. Runners Up: I'm not that surprised the Dolphins beat the Bills, if the season ended today the Ravens are in the playoffs.

The Pimp: Brian Westbrook, Westbrook just might be the league's most valuable player. Every time the Eagles have him they put up dominant offensive stats and every week they don't they look lost in both the run and pass game. This week he was back for 167 and 2 tds on the ground plus 42 receiving yards. Runners Up: Drew Brees enjoyed his London trip, Ted Ginn Jr. with 175 yards huh?

You Got Jakked Up: Vernon Davis, Verbally Jakked up that is.

My Fantasy MVP: Santana Moss, the most inconsistent fantasy player of all time has one of his super weeks when I need it.

New York Jets MVP: Leon Washington, Leon is the only player on the Jets offense with breakaway speed and he showed it on several occasions this weekend.

My Picks

My Picks: 8-6
Preseason Picks: 8-6
Picks Vs. Spread: 4-10
Pick Suggestions: 2-3

Very very very very bad week. Two suggestions lost by .5 a point which is gay.

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