Tracking the New Faces in New Places

Thursday, October 30, 2008

There are lots of new faces around the NBA, so here's a quick rundown on how they did during their debuts.


Mark D'Antoni made a nice debut with the Knicks in leading the squad to victory over the Heat. The biggest story however has to be his benching of both Curry and Marbury sending messages to both that he will not tolerate lack of team play and lack of hustle. If you're a Knicks fan last night has to get you pumped.

Jermaine O'Neal made his debut in the Raptors victory over the 76ers after forming exactly the type of twin towers the franchise was hoping for. In 34 minutes he scored 17 points and pulled down 8 boards and dished out 4 assists complimenting Chris Bosh perfectly.

Derrick Rose got his pass on during the Bulls opening night victory over the Bucks. In 32 minutes Rose dropped 9 dimes and added 11 points with most coming from the stripe.

Crazy Ron made a solid debut in the Rockets drubbing of the Grizzlies. He had 16 points and 3 steals in 40 minutes.

Yi might actually sell some jerseys for the Nets if he continues to play like he did in his debut. In the Nets 95-85 victory over the Wiz, Yi scored 17 points on 7-11 shooting with 2 triples. He also pulled down 6 boards and had 2 blocks in 31 minutes. Meanwhile Bobby Simmons, also acquired in the deal, scored 5 points on 2-8 shooting in 18 minutes to make a less flashy debut.

In the Timberwolves victory over the Kings Kevin Love got off to a very solid start to his career. In just 19 minutes of PT Love scored 12 points and pulled down 9 boards. Meanwhile, his new teammate Mike Miller did not have an aw inspiring start scoring just 11 points in 31 minutes.

James Posey will be missed in Boston and enjoyed in New Orleans. Last night during the Hornets opening victory over the Warriors Posey played 28 minutes drained 3 triples and I'm sure played stellar D on somebody.


The Thunder made their debut in Oklahoma City and unsurprisingly were defeated. Durant was the only starter to score in double figures for OKC and that was on 5-14 shooting.

As we all know Greg Oden already injured himself in his debut against the Lakeshow. Teammate Rudy Fernandez however made a solid debut with 16 points in 29 minutes including three triples.

Ovinton J'Anthony Mayo was certainly given the green light in the Grizzles loss to the Rockets but it probably wasn't a good thing. He went just 5-20 from the field including 0-7 from beyond the arc. Meanwhile in the same game Marc Gasol made his debut and went 12 and 12 in 36 minutes, not a bad day for the bearded brother.

Richard Jefferson got off to a slow start with the Bucks during their Tuesday night defeat at the hands of the Bulls. RJ shot just 5-17 from the field and pulled down just 4 boards in 38 minutes.

Elton Brand struggled in his debut against the defense of Bosh and Jermaine O'Neal. Brand only went 5-14 from the field for 14 points but he was beastly on the boards pulling down 13 boards in 39 minutes.

B Diddy certainly could have gone without the 40 point cross town drubbing in his opener against the Lakeshow. Davis played 28 minutes scored 11 and dropped 7 dimes.

TJ Ford in the Pacers loss against the Pistons struggled with the assist to turnover ratio after having only 5 assists to 4 turnovers. He also scored 10 points in 30 minutes.

Michael Beasley struggled in the first game of his career going 4-14 from the field in 27 minutes in the Heat loss against the Knicks. Additionally Beasley only pulled down 4 rebounds and went 1-5 gunning away from 3.

Mo Williams dropped 12 in their Nationally Televised loss to the Cs.

Oh and just for fun here's Marbury on the bench.

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