The Glimmer is Off Schiano

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two years ago Greg Schiano decided that Rutgers was a better job than the University of Miami. At that moment Rutgers looked like the Big East program of the future. They won their first 9 games and were nationally ranked, they lost the Big East crown to WVU but they dominated their bowl game. Additionally, Schiano had ties to Florida and could pluck a few recruits away from the major Florida schools. The state of New Jersey was once a prime territory for recruiting of Penn St., with Rutgers bringing pride to the state they could tap into that underrated talent base. The potential to create a solid program seemed there.

Last year Greg Schiano ended talks with the University of Michigan because he decided that Rutgers was a better job. At that moment Rutgers was a team underperforming the preseason expectations. But still, 8-5 is a solid season for Rutgers and 2006 was a tough act to follow and perhaps the preseason expectations were not realistic. Michigan on the other hand was losing their entire offense and he would have to leave the program he's built up. While it's tough for some [me] to understand how a man could choose a program with little history over the winningest program in histroy, at least legitimate points could be brought up in Rutgers favor.

Today Greg Schiano sits at 1-5 with the only victory coming over perennial powerhouse Morgan St. Instead of attempting to build up dominant programs in Michigan and Miami he sits in Jersey lost without the production of Ray Rice. Two years ago Schiano was the 'it' coach, now he looks more like Kirk Ferentz. This offseason Schiano will not be getting an offer from a powerhouse, rather he will continue trying to convince Floridians to live in Jersey for 4 years.

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