Week 7 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oklahoma Fans Are Sponsored by Dick's
They Also Call Their Friends Crying

One Lonely Lonely Auburn Fan
Firing the Offensive Coordinator Really Helped

I Use Wizardry to Sap Away My Opponents Strength With My Power-Cane
How Else Would I be Able to Live to 930?

Look At Him Joe Pa Look At Him
He's Your Next Power-Cane Victim

This Is What Losing to Toledo Looks Like
How Do You Miss a God Damn 26 Yard Field Goal?

This Golden Hat Signifies #1 in the Country
Mack Brown is Going to Wear it while F'n Bitches This Week

Helmet to Chin is Always Fun
So This is What Anquan Boldin Felt Like

So You're Wondering What Happened to This Guy
Well He Got His Ass Kicked on the Stands and Thrown to the Sidelines

GET ME A DONUT!!!!!!!!
I'm on the Mangino Diet!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Northwestern Students Are Supposed to be Smart Right?
Then Why Did They Actually Think Their Football Was Going to Win?

A Photo-shopped Pic of Toledo Celebrating At the Big House?
Because No Way This Could Actually Happen

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