NFL Trade Deadline = Incredibly Lame

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's currently 4 PM and the trade deadline has come and gone and seemingly we've seen zero action. Why? Well A) the trade deadline is ridiculously early in the NFL. B) I guess it's 'harder' to learn a system in football than in baseball or basketball so teams shy away. C) The annoyingly strict Hard CAP. And D) Well teams are pretty lame. I mean some teams have 1 win others have zero, some teams are obviously lacking at skill positions and with acquisitions could significantly bolster their Superbowl hopes. And yet nothing ever happens. Let's quickly run down players who probably should have been dealt for whatever they would return and teams that obviously could utilize a given position.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh - You just fell to 0-5 which means you are done. You're QB is on the verge of sitting out the rest of the year and you have one of the best over the middle receivers in the league about to become a free agent. Time for an extra draft pick.

Roy Williams - He's a free agent at the end of the year who will be chriping for a huge contract. You're an 0 for team with QB who voluntarily runs out of bounds. Just get any draft pick you can.

Who Needs A Wideout? A lot of teams that's who. The Titans are the 'best' team in the NFL yet they are starting Justin 'No Hands'. They obviously need a wideout. The Dolphins if they want to make any kind of run desperately need someone to throw the ball to. The Bills could probably utilize another game changer. The Bears or the Vikings could use someone who makes plays. The Eagles always have a need for a wideout.

Tony Gonzalez - The man is old but is still good. The Chiefs are awful, have no qb and will be in the draft one mode next year. It makes no sense to hold onto ToGo.

Who Could Use a TE? Again the Bills could use ToGo to stabilize their offense.

Some Raider Runningback - Either Fargas or Bush should have been dealt. They have 3 runnings backs and needs practically everywhere else on the field. Their season is over. Time to cut the excess and fill in some need.

Who Needs a Running Back? The Eagles could use a backup RB given that Westbrook gets injured weekly. Pittsburgh could also use some more depth given Fast Willie and Mendenhall being banged up.

Josh Brown - He's got ice water in his veins. But clutch kicks aren't coming around too often for the Rams this season...

Who Needs a Kicker?The Saints do. They've lost 2 games thanks to Martin Gramatica.

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