A PSU T-Shirt Seriously?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok I know Braylon Edwards is completely pissed off at Rich Rodriguez and his stupidity for giving the #1 jersey to a freshman D-back at the start of the year but he eventually made sure no one was wearing the jersey. I also understand that it is not very fashionable to be a Michigan fan/alumnus the two days after they go out and lose to Toledo. And I definitely understand that as one of the best players in Michigan history that he has to be pretty fired up at the fact that the squad is currently in line to miss a bowl game for the first time since before he was born.

But wearing a Penn St. t-shirt? Really? You don't even play in Pennsylvania. You're not even from Pennsylvania. And Michigan is heading into happy valley this weekend to face off against the #3 team in the country.

I was going to just assume he lost a bet to a teammate who was Penn St. player, but he doesn't have any former Penn St. teammates. So, maybe he just lost a bet to a good friend or something. Ugh...

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Nothing to see here, folks.

He lost a bet with Jurevicius.

Anonymous said...
12:44 PM  

sneaky joe Jurevicius injured and not on the active roster

Simon said...
12:49 PM  

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