NFL Week 7 Pick Suggestions

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where picking the Lions with the points continues to happen for no apparent reason.

5. Detroit Lions (+8 1/2) at Houston Texans
Yes they beat the spread last week despite scoring 10 points... they shall do it again.

4. Indianapolis Colts (-1 1/2) at Green Bay Packers
The Colts aren't back all the way quite yet but they are back enough to defeat the Packers with relative ease on sunday.

3. New York Giants (-10 1/2) vs. San Francisco 49ers
The Giants will bounce back and absolutely crush the niners.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (-10 1/2) at Cincinatti Bengals
At the Jets game last week one thing was noticeable about the Bengals, they are awful.

1. San Diego Chargers (+ 1/2) at Buffalo Bills
Still not a believer of the Bills and believe that the Chargers will get the big road win.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle
A Homer Pick with the Jets...

Non-Spread Picks

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