Off Topic: Saturday Classes = Drag On Life

Friday, October 03, 2008

Things I should Be Doing This Weekend: Leaving Work at 3 and driving 2 hours to the alma mater. Heading out to O'Connor's for delicious beer and lamb kebobs. Playing 5 games of Beer Die and heading out to the bar until 2 am. Waking up hungover at 10, and stumbling up to the quad and drinking at homecoming. Taking a mid-afternoon and recycling the friday night festivities minus O'Connor's.

Things I will Be Doing This Weekend: Heading out of work at 4 and going to the gym. Having dinner at home and watching the baseball games and going to bed by midnight. Wake up at 6:15 get ready and catch the 7:23 train to Manhattan. Sit in class from 9-4 and catch the 4:37 train back to lower Connecticut. Why? Becuase I had the bright idea to take Saturday classes this F'n semester for my MBA. I'm an idiot.

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We missed you at homecoming. Lots of beers were consumed. The undergrads are vaginas and were drunk under the table.

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