Money Does Not Equal Hawaiian Happiness

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

June Jones took over the Hawaiian Football program in 1999. In 9 years with the program he coached the Rainbow Warriors (he axed the Rainbow) to their best success in their history. He went 75-41, had only two losing seasons, won the WAC twice and won 4 bowl games. He was easily becoming a Hawaiian legend despite also garnering the highest public salary in the state. On January 1st his undefeated Warriors met up with Georgia, the hottest team in the nation, in the Sugar Bowl. Unfortunately for June the perfect Hawaiian season was brutally beaten into the ground with every thud of Colt Brennan's helmet to the turf.

On January 7th June Jones was introduced as the next coach of Southern Methodist University. He had left the islands for the money (and to abandon a potential sinking ship now sans Colt Brennan). This job provided one major perk, 2 million dollars annually. SMU was once a proud football program, but not during my lifetime. In fact the last time they made a bowl was 1984. Essentially money talked for June Jones over Sunshine and leis.

Fast forward to this past Saturday afternoon and I wonder what June Jones is thinking about his January decision now. On Saturday SMU fell to 1-8, but that far from tells the whole story. In their 34-7 defeat against Navy, the Midshipmen did exactly the opposite of a June Jones called game. They ran the ball, and ran the ball, and ran it some more. In fact they not once put the ball in the air (the 1st time since 1997), instead their 3rd string quarterback buried his head through the piles for 224 yards and 4 touchdowns on 42 carries.

So June, how does that Hawaiian Sunshine Sound Now?

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June left for two reasons:

Money (of course).

Better facilities. Hawaii refused to pony up the funds to have even respectable, much less attractive athletic facilities.

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