Which Conference Dominates the Championship Series?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baseball rosters are unlike football rosters in that a large portion of players never attended college and were drafted either straight out of high school or also unlike football imported from a different country. Surprisingly though, 60 of the 100 players on the rosters of the Red Sox, Rays, Phillies and Dodgers went to college. Here's a breakdown of which conferences have the most representation come tonight and tomorrow.

Pac 10, SEC & ACC (7)

The West Coast and South dominates college baseball landscape and it shows with the Pac 10, SEC and ACC leading the way with 7 a piece.

In the Pac 10, Arizona St. and Stanford lead the way with 2 (surprisingly tied for the most representation of any school) with Sun Devils Dustin Pedroia and Andre Ethier and Trees Eric Bruntlett and Jed Lowrie. Jeff Kent was an asshole back in college for the Cal Bears while Chase Utley and Geoff Jenkins were LA rivals going to UCLA and USC respectively.

The SEC however spreads the wealth around with 7 players from 7 different schools. Eric Hinske is a former Arkansas Razorback, Gabe Gross a War Eagle at Auburn, Joe Blanton a fat whiskey swigger at Kentucky, Paul Byrd an old man in the Bayou at LSU, the Papelboner a little bit crazy at Miss St., unknown backup catcher David Ross at Florida and finally David Price becoming the #1 draft pick at Vandy.

The ACC clusters them up at only 4 different schools. JD Drew was making bank at FSU while Kevin Cash was washing his uniform as a Seminole as well. Old men Nomar and V-Tek were in the ATL playing for the Yellow Jackets long before either took steroids. Pat the Bat and Alex Cora were chillin with Warren Sapp down at the U. And Javier Lopez is shedding tears of disgrace this year while watching his Virginia Cavaliers embarrass themselves on the football field daily.

Atlantic 10 & Big 12 (3)

After the 3 powerhouse conferences there is a precipitous drop off. The Atlantic 10 and Big 12 have three reps each. For the Atlantic 10 they have Joe Beimel from Duquesne, Sean Casey a former Richmond spider, and Jamie Moyer a 1932 graduate of St. Joe's. In the Big 12 Oklahoma leads the way with 2 reps in Greg Dobbs and Jason Bartlett while the other member of the shootout Texas has JP Howell. I wonder if they'll be any side bets in the Rays clubhouse this weekend between Howell and Bartlett.

Big East, Big West, Missouri Valley, & Southland (2)

4 Different conferences come with 2 player representation led by 2 of the many 'Big' conferences. The Big East brings Shrek-like Youkilis from Cincy and Brad Lidge as a Notre Dame golden domer. The Big West has California representation with Mark Kotsay from Cal St. Fullerston and Evan Longoria from Long Beach St. The Mizzou Valley enjoyed beastly Ryan Howard when he played for Southwest Missouri St. (now lamely called Missouri St.) and Casey Blake when he was giving gals the Shocker at Wichita St. Finally the Southland has two players from McNeese St. (got me where that is) in Danny Ardoin (who?) and Clay Condrey.

The Scrap Conferences

A lot of D1 conferences have one lonely representative. So we shall rank them based on whether the player is any good or not. Jason Bay is a big fan of Adam Morrison as a West Coast Conference Gonzaga Bulldog. Matt Garza wore the giant green V in the WAC at Fresno St. Carlos Pena was hittin bombs in Boston for Northeastern of the CAA. Juan Pierre got a tan in the Sun Belt at South Alabama. Chad Bradford was gettin dirt on his knuckles at Southern Miss in Conference USA. Ben Zobrist voted Independent while at Dallas Baptist. Fernando Perez is the lone scholarly Ivy Leaguer having played at Columbia. Andy Sonnanstine was a Middle American at Kent St. JA Happ is the lone Big 10 suitor from Northwestern and well I have no idea what he does, so the Big 10 is bottom.

The JuCos, Community Colleges or Below D1s

Chances of you actually knowing where a Junior College or Community College are if you are not from the area are approximately 1 in a billion so here's a quick run off. Old Man Tim Wakefield sawed off his knuckles at Florida Tech. Coco Crisp went to Pierre JuCo. Dan Wheeler got his angry pitching on at Central Arizona. Scott Eyre was pitching in the pen for the always dominant Southern Idaho Junior College. JC Romero threw near the miserable Gulf Coast beaches in Mobile. Chris Coste played 3 games a year for Concordia in Minnesota. Cory Wade (who?) played (pitched?) at Kentucky Wesleyan. James McDonald (who?) found nuggets at Golden West Communtiy College. And finally Russell Martin ate solid burritos at Chipola JuCo.

The Asians Go to School Too?

Apparently some of the Asians go to school too. Who knew? Chan Ho went to Hanyang in Korea. Saito went to Tohuku Fukushi which sounds awesome. Soooo Taguchi was sooo awesome at Gakuin and finally Hiroki Kuroda went to Senshu. Apparently the Red Sox only go for uneducated Asians as neither Dice-K nor Okajima went to college.

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