World Series Extremely Quick Notes

Friday, October 31, 2008

~I stand by my statements around how it did not feel like these were the two best teams in baseball. I mean Jamie Moyer is the #3 starter? He's 93 years old and throws softer than me.

~The biggest play Wednesday night to me was not the Iwamura play but rather Upton bouncing into an easy DP. That inning had potential and it single handedly sapped all energy out of the Rays.

~I found watching the 2nd half of game 5 weird. I'm used to having my eyes stapled at 1 am while watching the conclusion of games.

~Cole Hamels is a pitching beast, but he sounds like he could use a little more testosterone in the voice.

~Joe Madden's decisions in game 5 were questionable at best. I'm unsure why he was so adamant about having a lefty face Pat Burrell. Bunting a pitcher who faces one batter the next half inning and gives up a double does not look good.

~It would have been nice if Longoria showed up. Pena would have been nice as well.

~David Price will be an all star within 2 seasons and I would trade a boatload to get him on my keeper team. The team that has him in my league also has Tiny Tim, so he's gonna be diesel for a long time.

~There's always a little luck, Zobrist ripped the shit out of the ball, just to the wrong spot.

~A neutral field world series is a stupid idea. So what if it's cold outside. I played softball in mid 30 degree weather last week, pro athletes can play when its cold out too.

~With that being said, pushing the World Series back to November is god damn stupid.

~Am I insane or are the commercial breaks between innings in playoff games significantly longer?

~Do you ever think Joe Buck during a commercial break flips out and says, "If I have to hype up this Drinkability bullshit one more time I'm gonna take my microphone and beat Tim to death with it. He can fucking read right? Make him do one damn promo."

~Philly seemed to enjoy rioting a lot.

~I would just like to say that I got almost everything right in my revised predictions. The only series I was incorrect on was the Dodgers vs. Cubs and that's via a poor choice of flip flopping. I originally had the Dodgers in 4 but then switched to the Cubs in 4 cause, I looked at the genius pre-season useless predictions and decided I should hold form to those where I had the Phillies beating the Cubs. Soy Stupido wouldo beeno 100 percento.

~Can we please get a good World Series next year? This feels just like the mid 90s Superbowl drought when ever game was an uninteresting clunker.

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