2008 MLB Playoff Predictions

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So we've done this once already, but of course not all the teams you predict to make the playoffs before the season starts actually make the playoffs. Like say 5 of the 8 teams I predicted to make the playoffs. Whoops. And since I picked the Mets to win the World Series and they collapsed we shall revamp everything.


Brewers vs. Phillies: The Brewers are scrambling to put together a rotation, their bullpen is also in shambles and I picked the Phillies to beat the Brew Crew in a 1 game playoff prior to the season. So Phillies it is in 4.

Cubs vs. Dodgers: This should be an interesting series given Manny and Torre, Furcal coming back, the Cubs trying to break the curse, Zambrano's miserable finish, Sweet Lou's entertaining dugout antics, etc. In the end I think the Cubs just have a bit more depth in the starting pitching and I expect Big Z to pitch well on ample rest. Cubs in 5.

Rays vs. White Sox: The White Sox have already taxed their rotation and the Rays are getting back Crawford to bring their lineup back to full strength. Rays in 4.

Red Sox vs. Angels: Two teams I can't stand going against each other. The Red Sox have a few injury question marks still as do the Angels with Chone. I think the Red Sox take it down in 5 after they are able to touch off on Lackey in the closer.


Phillies vs. Cubs: The Fightin Phillies got pummeled in last years postseason by the Rockies because they were worn out after their massive comeback over the Mets. This time it wasn't so massive and this time Hamels is fully rested and Myers is pitching well in the rotation. They have 3 solid starters this year and the same feisty lineup. Phils in 6.

Rays vs. Red Sox: The Rays for whatever reason this year have played extraordinarily tough against the Red Sox. They went 10-8 against them and dominated them at the Trop. It's tough to go with the inexperienced Rays but there's just something behind their youthful fire that I like this postseason. And I love David Price throwing lefty fireballs in the pen. Rays in 7.

World Series

Phillies vs. Rays: The magical run for the Rays is going to end in Philadelphia. Ryan Howard is going to hit 3 homers in the series and take home the MVP. Cole Hamels is going to baffle the Rays hitters for 2 strong Ws and Brett Myers is going to get over his rage and lead the Phils to the clincher in game 6.

I fully expect these to be 100% wrong. Thank you.

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Wow. Finally someone who agrees with me with the whole Phillies VS Rays World Series!

....And finally someone who thinks the Phils are gonna win!

I'll tell you one thing. I hope that is 100% Right!

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