Fantasy QB Decision...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So my team is 1-5 and completely and utterly miserable at almost every single spot [Thanks Rams/Chad Johnson] but mostly at Quarterback. I have to start 2, I have Bulger, Hasselbeck and Jason Campbell on my roster. Bulger has done nothing. Hasselbeck has done less and is injured/might not play this weekend. And Campbell has been decent but not spectacular.

Because there are a plethora of other awful teams in my league I still have a chance to make the playoffs so the question is. Do I A) Just go with what I have or do I B) Get sentimental and just pick up Orlovsky cause at least I can say whatever I suck but did you take Social Studies with your fantasy QB or C) Pick up Brad Johnson cause Romo is a homo and the Cowboys should still score a lot of points*.

I would like someone not named me to make the decision because all my decisions this season have sucked.

*Already picked up by someone else...

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