The Scalabrine Watch: Season Expectations

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 2008 season is underway and as expected Scals remained with his ass cemented to the bench. I think this will be the absolute recurring theme this year and will lead to a lot of very easy weekly updates with 3 letters prevalent everywhere: DNP.

I set the Over/Under for Scals games played at 41 and I took the under. If you look at the Celtics roster right now, when is he actually going to get in? Just blow outs or if KG/Perk have serious injuries, I'd imagine. I mean everyone knows that he doesn't exactly provide anything while on the court and chances are good that O'Bryant is in front of Scals on the Big Man Depth Chart.

In reality the more likely question is how often Scals will be wearing the uniform in comparison to the the jeans and sports jacket. Last night Scals made the 12 man roster and was rockin the warm ups (sans uni of course) at the expense of Player/Coach/Alien Sam Cassell and the rooks JR Giddens and Bill Walker. Cassell is eventually going to demand that he plays in a few games so he can average .99 shots per touch of the basketball. Giddens probably isn't ready to contribute to the squad but Walker appeared in the preseason to have some potential. Granted it was the potential to provide exciting scrub time dunks, but that's better than brick-layed white 3s. Eventually Doc is going to get Bill the Towel Urinator on the roster and into the games at the expense of Scals.

So 08-09 will be the year that Scals officials transitions into the highest paid male cheerleader in history. Congrats.

By the way, how massive are those rings?

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